This page is help for clarifying the item achievements and help.


Chargefield Generator - Mercenary: Eviscerate 50 enemies.

  • On the first level, slash away at enemies until they're at low health, then simply use Eviscerate to destroy them. Note that it doesn't have to be in one playthrough.

Dead Man's Foot - Find the Bloated Survivor.

  • On the level Hive Cluster, go to the bottom right of the level. Occasionally, you'll see a dead body there. Go to it and hit the button to examine it. This will unlock the item.

Fireman's Boots - Survive in lava for a minute straight.

  • When you're in the Magma Barracks, after clearing the level stand in lava and find out how much damage you take from lava, approximately. Having over 1000 health should mean that you can do this, since lava deals ~17-18 damage per second. Healing Drones can really help, and Foreign Fruit will make it very easy as well.

Gasoline - Kill 20 Lemurians in one playthrough.

  • Simply spend a few minutes on the first level farming Lemurians. They look like purple reptiles.

Golden Gun - Bank 20,000 gold.

  • Since you must have 20,000 gold at one time (spent gold does not count), simply farm up money and avoid spending it until you hit the 20,000 mark. This is only easily doable on the later levels, such as Risk of Rain (Level).

Hyper-Threader - Commando: Activate the third teleporter without being hit once.

  • This achievement is extremely hard to get, as you cannot take ANY damage whatsoever until you activate the teleporter on the third stage, no exceptions (unconfirmed if fire counts as damage for this achievement).
  • ~ I just tried this achievement, and took fall damage on the second level, and I thought to myself, maybe it doesn't count. So I continued, and I DID get the achievement complete. So fall damage DOES NOT COUNT. Just thought I should add that to the wiki.
  • Using a combination of the Command and Glass Artifacts can ease this challenge somewhat. Rolling items with a wide attack radius (Disposable Rocket Launcher, Ceremonial Dagger) as well as useful passives (Lens Makers' Glasses, Hermit's Scarf) can help you to stay safely out of harm's way and allow you to kill enemies from a distance with great efficiency.

Predatory Instincts - Huntress: Defeat the Ancient Wisp without taking damage.

  • Ancient Wisp only spawns on both second stages. To get this achievement, as soon as you activate the teleporter, run away until you find a suitable location to battle the boss. The only way that the boss deals damage is through the purple flames that it shoots, with indicators whenever it's about to attack; just jump at the right time and you can dodge the damage. You can also get this achievement by defeating a naturally-spawning Ancient Wisp without taking damage (on higher difficulties).

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