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These are the Achievements available in Risk of Rain:

Item unlocks Edit

Defeat 20 Lemurians in one playthrough - Unlocks Gasoline

Complete the first stage in under 5 minutes - Unlocks Unstable Watch

Survive a boss with less than 20% health - Unlocks Lost Doll

Have 4 drone helpers at once - Unlocks The Back-Up

Fail a shrine 3 times in a row - Unlocks Paul's Goat Hoof

Kill the scavenger - Unlocks 56 Leaf Clover

Survive 40 minutes - Unlocks The Ol' Lopper

End a teleporter timer with 0 enemies on the map - Unlocks Photon Jetpack

Die 50 times - Unlocks Dio's Best Friend

Find the bloated survivor - Unlocks Dead Man's Foot

Obtain 7 Monster Teeth and 1 Guardian Heart - Unlocks Alien Head

Reach 650 health - Unlocks Bitter Root

Unlock a golden chest with the Skeleton Key - Unlocks Captain's Brooch

Deal 5000 damage in a one shot - Unlocks Glowing Meteorite

Drown 20 Whorls - Unlocks Filial Imprinting

Bank 20,000 gold - Unlocks Golden Gun

Collect 4 Keycards - Unlocks Wicked Ring

Use a health shrine that drops you below 5% health - Unlocks Harvester's Scythe

Pass a shrine 4 times in a row - Unlocks Snake Eyes

Character Specific UnlocksEdit

Commando: Dodge 7 Lethal attacks - Unlocks Soldier's Syringe

Commando: Activate the 3rd teleporter without being hurt once - Unlocks Hyper-Threader

Enforcer: Block 2000 damage total with your shield - Unlocks Spikestrip

Enforcer: Stay in shield mode for 5 minutes straight (in combat) - Unlocks Prescriptions

Bandit: Kill a boss with 'Lights Out' - Unlocks Pillaged Gold

Bandit: Reset your cooldowns 15 times consecutively - Unlocks The Hit List

Huntress: Achieve 200% attack speed - Unlocks Hermit's Scarf

Huntress: Defeat the Legendary Wisp without taking damage - Unlocks Predatory Instincts

HAN-D: Kill 10 enemies simultaneously with FORCED_REASSEMBLY - Unlocks Arms Race

HAN-D: Stay above 70% health for 25 minutes - Unlocks Shield Generator

Engineer: Detonate 15 Bounding Mines within 5 seconds - Unlocks Sticky Bomb

Engineer: Kill a boss in 15 seconds or less - Unlocks Concussion Grenade

Miner: Survive the teleporter event without falling below 50% health - Unlocks Panic Mine

Miner: Reach level 10 without getting hurt more than once - Unlocks Shattering Justice

Sniper: Achieve 20 consecutive perfect reloads - Unlocks Crudely Drawn Buddy

Sniper: 1-shot kill 10 creatures consecutively - Unlocks Telescopic Sight

Acrid: Spread 10,000 feet of caustic sludge - Unlocks Toxic Worm

Acrid: Spread Epidemic to 25 enemies - Unlocks Massive Leech

Mercenary: Eviscerate 50 enemies - Unlocks Chargefield Generator

Mercenary: Beat the game on Monsoon difficulty - Unlocks Ancient Scepter

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