These are the Achievements available in Risk of Rain.

For tips on an achievement, see the page for that achievement's reward.

Item unlocks Edit

Name* Description Item Unlock
Lizard Bait Steam Achievement Lizard Bait Defeat 20 Lemurians in one playthrough


Complete the first stage in under 5 minutes

Unstable Watch

Survive a boss with less than 20% health

Lost Doll

Have 4 drone helpers at once

The Back-Up

Better Luck Next Time Steam Achievement Better Luck Next Time Fail a shrine 3 times in a row

Paul's Goat Hoof

Kill the scavenger

56 Leaf Clover

The Lone Survivor Steam AchievementThe Lone Survivor Survive 40 minutes

The Ol' Lopper

Survive in lava for 1 minute straight

Fireman's Boots

End a teleporter timer with 0 enemies on the map

Photon Jetpack

Sole Survivor Steam AchievementSole Survivor Die 50 Times

Dio's Best Friend

Finders Keepers Steam AchievementFinders Keepers Find the bloated survivor

Dead Man's Foot

Obtain 7 Monster Teeth and 1 Guardian's Heart

Alien Head

Reach 650 health

Bitter Root

Don't Mind If I Do Steam AchievementDon't Mind If I Do Unlock a golden chest with the Explorer's Key

Captain's Brooch

Macho Steam AchievementMacho Deal 5000 damage in one shot

Glowing Meteorite

Sleepin' With The... Steam AchievementSleepin' With The... Drown 20 Whorls

Filial Imprinting

Diamond Casket Steam AchievementDiamond Casket Bank 20,000 gold

Golden Gun

Endless Voyager Steam AchievementEndless Voyager Collect 4 Keycards

Wicked Ring

Use a health shrine that drops you below 5% health

Harvester's Scythe

Lucky Devil Steam AchievementLucky Devil Pass a shrine 4 times in a row

Snake Eyes

*achievement name on Steam - not all achievements have names

Character Specific UnlocksEdit

Character Description Item Unlock
Commando Dodge 7 Lethal attacks

Soldier's Syringe

Commando Activate the 3rd teleporter without being hurt once


Enforcer Block 2000 damage total with your shield


Enforcer Stay in shield mode for 5 minutes straight (in combat)


Bandit Kill a boss with Lights Out

Pillaged Gold

Bandit Reset your cooldowns with "Lights Out" 15 times consecutively

The Hit List

Huntress Achieve 200% attack speed

Hermit's Scarf

Huntress Defeat the Legendary Wisp without taking damage

Predatory Instincts

HAN-D Kill 10 enemies simultaneously with FORCED_REASSEMBLY

Arms Race

HAN-D Stay above 70% health for 25 minutes

Shield Generator

Engineer Detonate 15 Bounding Mines within 5 seconds

Sticky Bomb

Engineer Kill a boss in 15 seconds or less

Concussion Grenade

Miner Survive the teleporter event without falling below 50% health

Panic Mines

Miner Reach level 10 without getting hurt more than once

Shattering Justice

Sniper Achieve 20 consecutive perfect reloads

Crudely Drawn Buddy

Sniper 1-shot kill 10 creatures consecutively

Telescopic Sight

Acrid Spread 10,000 feet of Caustic Sludge

Toxic Worm

Acrid Spread Epidemic to 25 enemies

Massive Leech

Mercenary Eviscerate 50 enemies

Chargefield Generator

Mercenary Beat the game on Monsoon
For hardcore players.
Every bend introduces pain and horrors of the planet.
You will die.

Ancient Scepter

Loader Loader|Hydraulic Gauntlet]]


Loader Kill the Overloading Magma Worm

Gigantic Amethyst


Interstellar Desk Plant

CHEF Have 20 cleavers out at once.

Laser Turbine