Alien Head
Alien Head Icon

Description Decreases your cooldowns by 25%
Stacking Stacks multiplicatively up to 3 times. (60% reduction)
Unlock Obtain 7 Monster Teeth and 1 Guardian's Heart
Rarity Rare
Type Support
Pickup Text Reduces cooldowns for your skills.
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The Alien Head is a rare support item in Risk of Rain.[1] The item stacks oddly; the first one is 30%, the second is 51%, and the third is 60%. (Caps at 3)

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:  Alien HeadAlien Head Icon
Tracking Number:  76▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Decreases your cooldowns by 25%

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:  High Priority/Biological

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:  Important sign from the spirits. Passed down for many generations. Must be used for high noon ritual to ward off sickness and fatigue. Must be kept cool or will rot. Helps energize the kinfolk and can be used for extra human strength and agility. Important.
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Item SynergiesEdit

Character SynergiesEdit

  • Exceptionally useful when playing as the Mercenary, who begins with very short cooldowns for almost all of his attacks. Having the Alien Head makes sustained combat using dashes and Eviscerate possible without relying on the Mercenary's comparatively weak primary attack.
  • Loader can stack Alien Head to make his Debris Shield cooldown decreased to the point that the Debris Shield can be used continuously. This is an incredibly powerful combination as it effectively makes the character totally invincible as long as the ability is being used.



  • Alien Head stacks multiplicatively and is capped which results in rather odd values. (30%, 51%, 60%)
  • The item description says it reduces cooldown by 25%, not 30%.
  • When held, black particles resembling flies follow the character.ra



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