Map variantsEdit

This map has two variants.


2013-12-08 00002

The artifact gate.

The noctch

The hidden tunnel "notch".

At the bottom left of the map there should be a small cave-like structure. If the "cave" ends with an artifact gate (see screenshot at right) then this is the right map variant. This map variant also has a broken bridge. Climb until you see a "notch", a single block missing from the cliff face (see screenshot at right). Enter it and continue left through a hidden tunnel to find a cavern of ledges, platforms and ladders that lead to five buttons. Each button will activate when damaged, but will deactivate approximately 15 seconds later. If all five buttons are active simultaneously, the Glass artifact will appear in the gate. Drop through the bottom of the cavern to access it.

Boar BeachEdit

This section is a stub.
2013-11-22 11 36 57-

The fence.

Boar Beach is accessed from this map variant. Press up at the fence in the upper-left corner of the map.


Aurora Borealis

Double Fucking Rainbow

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