Right trigger Key z
Bandit Skill 1

Fire a powerful slug for 150% damage.

0 seconds

Dynamite Toss
Left trigger Key x
Bandit Skill 2

Toss an explosive in an arc for 230% damage.

3 seconds

Right bumper Key c
Bandit Skill 3

Turn invisible. After 3 seconds or after using another ability, surprise and stun enemies for 140% damage.

13 seconds

Lights Out
Left bumper Key v
Bandit Skill 4

Take aim for a headshot, dealing 600% damage. If the ability kills an enemy, the Bandit's Cooldowns are all reset to 0.

7 seconds
Can be improved with Ancient Scepter (*shows the improved values).
Bandit Skill 4 Ancient Scepter

Take aim for a headshot, dealing 2x600% damage. If the ability kills an enemy, the Bandits Cooldowns are all reset to 0.


  • Pressing Blast quickly will cap out at around 1.4x faster speed than holding it down. Using a turbo gamepad or 3rd party program will not increase its firing speed past 1.4x speed.
  • When used, Smokebomb also grants a speed boost for its invisibility duration. Its stun effect occurs when the stealth ends, and only in the area around the Bandit.
  • Anything that grants attack speed such as the Soldier's Syringe is exceptionally good as it'll reduce the already-brief charge time on Lights Out and increase the rate at which you can fire Blast. Similarly, on-hit items like the Brilliant Behemoth and the Heaven Cracker are very effective and supplement the Bandit with powerful AoE.
  • If you are playing with the artifact Glass on, then on the early levels Lights Out has an almost 100% chance to kill. You can cloak with Smokebomb, and then use lights out without any prior attack, and immediately go back into cloaking. For the first level, with good timing and perhaps a drone, you can stay invisible for the large majority of the time.

Item SynergiesEdit

  • Harvester's Scythe - healing you each time you crit, as well as boosting your crit a small amount.
  • Predatory Instincts - giving you bonus attack speed each time you crit, as well as boosting your crit by a small amount.
  • Frost Relic - the icicles that spawn after you kill an enemy from Frost Relic can crit.
  • Wicked Ring - reduces your cooldowns by one second each time you crit as well as boosting your crit chance.
  • Brilliant Behemoth - the explosions can crit.

Trivia Edit

  • Bandit getting 0.015% critical chance per level is most likely due to a coding error where the number 0.015 was thought to translate to 1.5%