Beating Embryo
Beating Embryo Icon

Description Use items have a 30% chance to deal double the effect.
Stacking Increases duplication chance by 30%
Unlock Not Locked
Rarity Rare
Type Support
Pickup Text Use items have a chance to double effect.
File:Beating Embryo Shipping Details.png
The Beating Embryo is a rare support item in Risk of Rain.
Beating Embryo

The beating embryo does not affect every use item, such as the Drone Repair Kit and Carrara Marble. Additionally, the effect varies from item to item. Many attack items, such as the Disposable Missile Launcher, launch twice as many attacks while many duration items, such as the Shield Generator, have double the duration. More obscure items, such as the Skeleton Key and Snowglobe, may make it hard to notice the doubling effect (the Skeleton Key, for example, will start opening chests off the sides of the screen).

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