Bighorn Bison
Bighorn Bison Portrait
Bighorn Bison Animation
Base Statistics
Health 430 HP
Damage 17 points
Speed 17 mph
Combat Notes
Type Monster
Movement Ground
Attack Ranged/Melee
Jump Unable
Teleport Able*

Field Notes

Field Notes:  The teleporter nearly launched me into a steaming dung heap. I could not have anticipated such an enormous beast being its source. More impressive than their rumbling bellows is the bighorn's charge. Their many tons of muscle produce a crushing slam of horn and matted hair.

When they are not stampeding after me I have observed these monsters using their massive heads to bludgeon rocks and fight amongst themselves. How can they expend so much energy on fruitless activity? Are they merely trying to keep from freezing?


* The Bighorn Bison's attack is an instant dash into the player. It effectively teleports short distances.


The Bighorn Bison bears a striking resemblance to the Pokemon Tauros.

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