Black Imp
Black Imp Portrait
Black Imp Animation
Base Statistics
Health 310 HP
Damage 13 points
Speed 16 mph
Combat Notes
Type Monster
Movement Ground
Attack Melee
Jump Able
Teleport Able

Field Notes

Field Notes:  Oh. Fear. The Imp causes me fear, with its razor sharp talons and its one eye, locked into mine through my helmet. The Imp uses a propellant to hover above the ground, giving it superior mobility over everything.. including me.

Unlike the other fauna on this planet, the black imp is aggressive to all other species. Is the imp also stranded here?

The Black Imp can move from location to location, seemingly instantly. I refuse to believe that the Imp has teleportation; that is for fairy tales and quantum physicists. I won't accept that it can achieve something biologically that the human race couldn't achieve in its entire history.


When using Spotter: SCAN, the Black Imp is labeled as "Portal Imp".

Behavior Edit

The Black Imps are usually encountered upon entering the 2nd map, regardless of tileset and have the ability to teleport short distances. Once close enough the Imps will teleport behind you and attack you from there. They deal very little damage but move rather fast.