Placeholder Portrait
Placeholder Portrait
Base Statistics
Health 35 HP
Damage 5 points
Speed [Please Add]
Combat Notes
Type Monster
Movement Ground
Attack Melee
Jump Able
Teleport Unable

The Boarlit is an enemy who is spawned only by the Toxic Beast's special ability where it squeals and spawns 4 Boarlits at once near the player.

Officially known as Boarlits on the Game Over screen, these little piglets appear in large numbers on Boar Beach and throughout any Toxic Beast battle when said boss squeals and shakes the screen. The minions do not have an attack animation; they simply damage the players by colliding with them. Due to their low health and tendency to clump together, they do not pose much of a threat on their own. These also drop extremely low amounts of money (about 5-10 gold).

Spotter- SCAN on Boarlit.png

Spotter- SCAN on Boarlit showing it's official name.

Because the Boarlits do not have an attack animation, ghosts of Boarlits (such as those created by the Jar of Souls) are effectively worthless.


The Boarlit has no special abilities but does cause light contact damage. It should be approached with caution if many of them have grouped together, as this might instantly kill you.


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