Burning Witness
Burning Witness Icon

Description On kill: Grants a firetrail, 5% movement speed, and 1 damage for 6 seconds.
Stacking +5% movement speed, increases duration
Unlock Dropped by Magma Worm
Rarity Boss
Type Offensive
Damage Type Fire
Pickup Text The Worm's eye seems to still see.. watching.. rewarding..
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The Burning Witness is a boss offensive item in Risk of Rain. On killing an enemy, grants a firetrail, 5% movement speed, and 1 damage for 6 seconds and deals fire damage.[1] Leaves a firetrail identical to Fireman's Boots upon killing an enemy.

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:  Burning WitnessBurning Witness Icon
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:  Grants a firetrail, 5% movement speed, and 1 damage for 6 seconds.

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:  Field-Found

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:  Found by killing a.. giant magma worm. Yes, you read that correctly.
After it died, it's body lay dormant but it's eyes seem to still look around, watching. Removal of the eye showed that it may be a parasite that attaches to the worm itself; the worm grants it protection, while the eye gives it the vision it needs.
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  • The fire trail of Burning Witness and Fireman's Boots do not stack with each other and only one trail works. It is unconfirmed which item works. However, the movement speed bonus of Burning Witness still applies whenever the conditions are met.




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