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This page contains a list of Common Items and what each one does:

~Bitter Root Increases the player's maximum health by 8% and caps at 38 stacks, or 300% of the player's base health.

~Bustling Fungus - Heals the player for 4.5% of their health after 2 seconds out of combat. There is no cap on how many times Bustling Fungus's effect will stack. However, having more than 22 stacked will heal more than your total health per second, making further stacks largely useless outside of co-op. Unlike the Sprouting Egg, to activate the healing effect one must stand completely immobile and not perform any kind of action, including activating shrines or opening chests.

~Sprouting Egg - Increases the player's health regeneration by 2.4 HP per second when out of combat for 7 seconds.

~Soldier's Syringe - Increases attack speed by 15%. Stacking adds another 15% increase up to 13 times, maxing at +195%.

~Meat Nugget - On hitting an enemy, the player has a 8% chance to drop 2 meat nuggets that heals for 2x6 health.

~Lens-Maker's Glasses - On hitting an enemy, the player has a 7% chance to critically strike, dealing double damage.  100% chance to crit on 14 stacks. No increase beyond 14 stacks.

~Hermit's Scarf - Gives 10% chance to evade attacks.  After the first scarf, the dodge chance increases by 5% instead of 10%.  Caps evasion rate at 35% evasion.

~Crowbar - On hitting an enemy, deal +50% damage to enemies above 80% health. Stacking increases damage by 30%.

~Paul's Goat Hoof - Gives +20% movement speed.  No limit on stacks

~Warbanner - On level up drop a banner that raises attack/move speed by 30% and damage by 4.  Stacking increases area of effect.

~Barbed WireEncircles the player in a small, grey, jagged circle, damaging enemies who come within. If several enemies are within range, only one of them will receive the damage.  Stacking gives it a +20% larger radius. Decreasing increase in damage per stack start at ~+17% damage/sec.

~Rusty Knife - On hitting an enemy, the player has a 15% chance to bleed an enemy for 4x35% damage and deals bleed damage.  Stacking increases chance by 15%, does not increase damage.

~Mysterious Vial - Increases health regeneration by 1.2 HP per second.  Unlimited stacking

~Sticky Bomb - On hitting an enemy, the player has a 8% chance to attach a bomb to an enemy, detonating for 140% damage and deals explosive damage.  Stacking increases damage by 40%, does not increase chance.

~Monster Tooth - On killing an enemy, killing an enemy heals you for 10 health.  Stacking increases health by 5.

~Medkit - Restores one's health by 10 HP after being hit after a short delay. If one is hit, then hit again, the heal from the first hit is cut off and only 10 HP will be healed.  Stacking increases health by 10.

~Bundle of Fireworks - Fires fireworks each time a Chest or Container is opened, as well as any time you activate Shrines, Shops, Roulette Chambers, and when picking up Drones.  +2 Fireworks per stack, fireworks do additional damage.

~Gasoline - On killing an enemy, killing enemies burns the ground for 60% damage for 2 seconds and deals fire damage.  Stacking increses damage by 40%.

~Snake Eyes - Failing a shrine increases crit chance by 5%.  Stacking further increases crit chance by 3% for each shrine fail.

~Fire Shield - After being hit for 10% of your maximum health in one hit: explode, dealing 200% damage. Stacking increases explosion damage.

 ~ Headstompers - Hurt enemies by falling for up to 507% damage.  Stacking increases max damage.

~Spikestrip - When hit, drops spikestrips (lasts for 2 seconds) that slow enemies by 20%.  Stacking increases the duration of spikestrips by 1 second per stack.

~Life SavingsGenerates $1 every 3 seconds.  Stacking gives +1 gold generation rate.

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