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An Item is a randomized collectible that spawns over the course of the game. There is no limit to how many items the player can hold at once. Each item has a colored border around them that indicates their rarity:

1 - only found by killing boss enemies
2 - although usable items technically have their own rarity as dictated by their border, they actually have individual drop rates (for example, a Captain's Brooch has a lower likelihood of dropping than a Foreign Fruit)

Items can be found inside Chests, Shops and Roulette Chambers. Large Containers also have a chance (albeit small) to have an item inside them along with the standard health, gold and experience. Shrines (both the gold and health variants) can also give the player items, however this is not guaranteed. Boss enemies will always drop an item when killed, and each Boss has a chance of dropping an item that is unique to them. Items take 30 seconds to disappear when left on the ground.

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