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This page contains a list of Rare Items.


These are the items that ultimately increase your damage output in some way. They do this by adding Crowd Control effects (like stuns and slows) or bonus damage to the player's character or their attacks.

Icon Name Description Stacking[1] How to Unlock Item Name
AtG Missile Mk. 2 Icon
AtG Missile Mk. 2 On hit: 7% chance of firing three missiles that deal 3x300% damage +7% chance to fire missiles Not Locked
Brilliant Behemoth Icon
Brilliant Behemoth All your attacks explode for a bonus 20% damage to nearby enemies. +20% explosion damage Not Locked
Ceremonial Dagger Icon
Ceremonial Dagger On kill: fire four heat-seeking bolts that deal 4x100% damage Fire two additional bolts Not Locked
Fireman's Boots Icon
Fireman's Boots Walking leaves behind a fire trail that burns for 35% damage +20% damage GLOBAL: Survive in lava for one minute straight.
Heaven Cracker Icon
Heaven Cracker Every fourth basic attack fires a linear, piercing round straight forward, dealing 100% damage Reduces attacks required by one; at 4 stacks, pierces on every attack Not Locked
Hyper-Threader Icon
Hyper-Threader Every attack fires a laser, dealing 40% damage and bouncing to 2 enemies +1 additional bounce Commando: Activate the third teleporter without being hit once
Plasma Chain Icon
Plasma Chain On hit: chance to tether onto enemies, dealing 60% damage/sec +1 simultaneous tether target Not Locked
Shattering Justice Icon
Shattering Justice On hit: reduce enemy armor by 5 for two seconds; this effect can stack up to five times for a total of -25 armor (further stacks will only refresh the duration) +0.5s debuff duration Miner: Reach level 10 without getting hurt more than once.
Telescopic Sight Icon
Telescopic Sight On hit: 1% chance to instantly kill an enemy +0.5% instakill chance, up to a maximum of 3% Sniper: 1-shot kill 10 enemies consecutively.
Tesla Coil Icon
Tesla Coil Shock nearby enemies for 150% damage, bouncing to other enemies at a range of 100 up to 5 times +50% damage Not Locked
Thallium Icon
Thallium On hit: 10% chance to damage/slow by 500 enemy damage% and 100% speed over 3 seconds Does not stack Not Locked
The Ol' Lopper Icon
The Ol' Lopper On hit: 100% crit chance on enemies below 9% health +4% health threshold, up to a cap of 35% health at 8 stacks GLOBAL: Survive 40 minutes.
Laser Turbine Icon
Laser Turbine All your attacks charge the generator. At full power, fire a laser for 2000% damage. Increases charge amount per ability use. CHEF: Have 20 cleavers in the air simultaneously


These are the items that increase the player's survivability. They do this by either increasing the player's health and armor stats or by increasing their health regeneration in some way. Do keep in mind that items that increase health will only do so up to a value of 9999.

Icon Name Description Stacking[1] How to Unlock Item Name
Dio's Best Friend Icon
Dio's Best Friend On death: revive at 40% health with two seconds of invincibility Can not be stacked for multiple revives, but if the revive effect has been used, picking up another of these will reset it GLOBAL: Die 50 times.
Repulsion Armor Icon
Repulsion Armor After being hit 6 times: reduce and reflect incoming damage by 83% for three seconds +1s reflect duration, up to a maximum of 8 seconds at 6 stacks Not Locked
Interstellar Desk Plant Icon
Interstellar Desk Plant On kill: Upon killing an enemy , spawn an alien plant that heals you for 8 hp. +3 health per fruit. CHEF: SEAR/FLAMBE 20 Sand Crabs


These are the items that don't directly affect the player's stats and/or attacks; nevertheless, they're still highly beneficial to the player in some way.

Icon Name Description Stacking[1] How to Unlock Item Name
Alien Head Icon
Alien Head Decreases your cooldowns by 25% Stacks multiplicatively up to 3 times. (60% reduction) GLOBAL: Collect 7 Monster Teeth and one Guardian's Heart.
Ancient Scepter Icon
Ancient Scepter Upgrade your fourth ability; this is unique to each character class Doesn't stack Mercenary: Beat the game on Monsoon difficulty.
Beating Embryo Icon
Beating Embryo Usable items have a 30% chance to have double the effect Increases duplication chance Not Locked
Happiest Mask Icon
Happiest Mask On kill: spawn a ghost of the killed enemy with 70% health and 50% damage for 15 seconds Increases ghost damage and durability Not Locked
Old Box Icon
Old Box When at low health: drop a jack-in-the-box that fears enemies for two seconds Widens the health range Not Locked
Permafrost Icon
Permafrost On hit: chance to stun enemies for 1.5 seconds and slow enemies by 60% for three seconds Increases chance Not Locked
Photon Jetpack Icon
Photon Jetpack Allows the player to fly for up to 1.6 seconds nonstop; the jetpack's fuel tank quickly refills when not in use +0.8 maximum flight duration GLOBAL: End a teleporter timer with 0 enemies on the map.
Rapid Mitosis Icon
Rapid Mitosis Reduce the cooldown of use items by 25% +25% cooldown reduction, stacking multiplicatively Not Locked
The Hit List Icon
The Hit List Onscreen enemies will be randomly marked; on marked kill: increases damage up to a maximum of 20 Increases the amount of simultaneously marked enemies by 1 per item in the stack. Bandit: Reset your cooldowns 15 times consecutively.
Wicked Ring Icon
Wicked Ring On crit: reduces cooldowns by 1 second +1s cooldown reduction on crit GLOBAL: Collect 4 keycards.

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