Clay Man
Clay Man Portrait
Clay Man Animation
Base Statistics
Health 140 HP
Damage 11 points
Speed 14 mph
Combat Notes
Type Monster
Movement Ground
Attack Melee
Jump Able
Teleport Unable

Field Notes

Field Notes:  Quick with his sword and quicker with his feet; the agility of these clay 'people' is unexpected with a form so roughly shaped.

When faced with one of the few creatures here which I feel some humanity in, my aloneness closes in. Why do they have clay pots on their heads? Could it be protection from this cruel reality, or maybe just to hide the scars from this brutal planet.


Clay men are extremely versatile and deal a considerable amount of damage. You may want to think about keeping your distance, as people that can either kite or have long range say, Huntress or Acrid have a considerable advantage against 'Clay Men'.


Claymen will frequently perform a combat roll manuever, similar to the Commando's, while giving chase to the player or under fire.  This move helps them to close gaps more quickly as well as allowing them to manuever behind players to land melee attacks without retaliation.  This is especially dangerous to characters such as the Enforcer or HAN-D.