Name Commando
Description The Commando is characterized by long range and mobility. Effective use of his Tactical Dive will grant increased survivability while Suppressive Fire deals massive damage. FMJ can then be used to dispose of large mobs.
Image Commando.png
ImageCaption ..and so he left, with everything but his humanity.
UnlockDesc Not Locked
FirstReleased Alpha v0.28.9.2
DrizzleHP (Optional)
BaseHP 110
HealthPerLevel 32
Armor (Optional)
ArmorPerLevel 2
MoveSpeed 1.3
AttackSpeed 163.63
BaseDamage 12
DamagePerLevel 3
BaseRegen 0.6
DrizzleBaseRegen (Optional)
RegenPerLevel 0.12
CriticalChance (Optional)
JumpHeight (Optional)

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