A container is an object in Risk of Rain that the user can interact with. A container usually contains gold, experience, and very rarely can also contain an item. There are three types of containers:

Small ContainerEdit

Small Container

Small containers, when opened, yield small amounts of gold and experience to the player. In the early game, opening every container is to your advantage, as any gold and experience that you can gain as fast as possible will help you deal with the scaling difficulty over time. It should be noted that the gold and experience simply gravitate to the player, so the player does not need to physically move to the gold or experience.

Large ContainerEdit

Large containers, when opened, yield slightly larger amounts of gold and experience to the player and on rare occasions an item.

Gold ContainerEdit

Gold containers, when opened, will always give a Keycard. They are only found on the map Risk of Rain (Level)

Tactics Edit

  • Containers can be used offensively after acquiring Bundle of Fireworks. Waiting until enemies appear onscreen before activating a container sometimes earns you a free kill.

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