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Description On hit: Deal +50% damage to enemies above 80% health.
Stacking +30% damage.
Unlock Not Locked
Rarity Common
Type Offensive
Pickup Text Deal more damage to healthy enemies.
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The Crowbar is a common offensive item in Risk of Rain. On hitting an enemy, deal +50% damage to enemies above 80% health.[1] It allows the player to deal more damage to healthy enemies.

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:  CrowbarCrowbar Icon
Tracking Number:  720▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Deal +50% damage to enemies above 80% health.

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:  Standard

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:  Crowbar/prybar/wrecking bar allows for both prying and smashing! Carbon steel, so it should last for a very long time, at least until the 3rd edition arrives.
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Effective Health formula Edit

Players may consider this item as a direct reduction on enemies health diminishing it to 93.4%

To calculate the effective health of an enemy for every crowbar after the first use the following formula:

100 - { [ 0.50 + ( 0.30 x n°crowbars_after_the_first ) ] x [ 20 / ( 1 + 0.5 + ( 0.30 x n°crowbars_after_the_first ) ] }

In case the player isn't using an ability that deals heavy amounts of damage, the Crowbar will have less and less impact on the damage output.

Character SynergiesEdit

  • The Sniper makes excellent use of the Crowbar, as it pairs well with Steady Aim to deal severe damage to newly spawned monsters and bosses.
  • The Bandit can also make good use of the Crowbar with Lights Out, dealing heavy damage to targets.

Item SynergiesEdit

The Crowbar item works wonders to almost all items that proc on-hit, since the damage calculated by the Crowbar is the base calculation of other items.

List of items that are amplified by Crowbar:

And there could be more that haven't been verified yet.

List of items that needs verification that could be amplified by Crowbar:

Trivia Edit

The Crowbar item is a reference to the Half Life series created by Valve, in which the main character "Gordon Freeman" uses a Crowbar very similar to the one in Risk of Rain as his melee weapon. The text "Until the 3rd version arrives" is a dig at the long production time of the half life series and Valve's seeming dislike of the number 3, going as far as making Half Life 1, 2 and Half Life 2 episodes 1 and 2. Because of this, Half Life 3 has become a well known point of humor on the internet joking about how it will never come out.




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