Damage is what most character abilities and all enemies are capable of utilizing. Damage harms enemies and will eventually kill them, or the player, upon taking more damage than their maximum health.

There is only one item that gives a true damage increase: The Hit List. Every other item that increases damage does so by percent values based on the characters preexisting damage values.

The 12 types of damage that can be dealt:

  • Inactive White- Inactive White is dealt only with drones and does not trigger on-hit effects.
  • Bleeding Red- This damage can be dealt with the Rusty Blade or the Sawmerang use item. Bleeding wears off over time and does not trigger on-hit effects.
  • Blue - This damage is only caused by the Ukulele and chains to multiple enemies at once. Does not trigger on-hit effects. Upon hitting multiple targets, the damage may arc and damage the same enemy multiple times.
  • Active Poison Greenish-Yellow: Acrid's 4th attack is the only way to perform this damage. It's DoT, but will spread to nearby enemies.
  • Inactive Poison Greenish-Yellow: Acrid and Toxic Centipede are the only character and item, respectively, that can cause this type. Damage is purely DoT and does not trigger on-hit effects.
  • Electric Purple: Electric purple is only dealt when using The Tesla Coil. Chains to hit multiple enemies. Does not trigger on hit effects.
  • Thallium Purple: Thallium is the only way to deal this damage. Is DoT and does not trigger on-hit effects
  • Critical White: Critical whites are Active Whites that deal substantially more damage.
  • Critical Yellow: Critical yellows are Bonus Yellows that deal substantially more damage.

The Crowbar deals extra damage of whatever type of damage you hit the enemy with as an increased value, not as a second value. So if a Blue attack hit the healthy enemy, then the extra damage will be dealt in Blue.

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