Death Messages are short messages that appear above your dead body. They are purely for humour and do not affect the gameplay. Other players in a server can see these death messages to add to the ridicule.

List of Death MessagesEdit

The following list of death messages are randomly generated, and as such are not affected by how you die.

shak pls.
You are dead.
You embrace the void.
You had a lot more to live for.
Your internal organs have failed.
Your body was gone an hour later.
Your family will never know how you died.
You died painlessly.
Your death was extremely painful.
You have broken every bone in your body.
You die a slightly embarassing death.
You die in a hilarious pose.
You really messed up.
You have died. Maybe next time..
You have passed away. Try again?
Choose a new character?
Consider lowering the difficulty.
Try playing on "Drizzle" mode for an easier time.
Remember to activate use items.
Remember that as time increases, so does difficulty.
This planet has killed you.
It wasn't your time to die...
That was definitely not your fault.
That was absolutely your fault.
They will surely feast on your flesh.
..the harder they fall.
Beep.. beep.. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Come back soon!
Get styled upon.
Dead from blunt trauma to the face.
ur dead LOL get rekt
Sucks to suck.
You walk towards the light.

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