Gauss cannon hidden around the top middle of the map. Use a flying glitch to get there, it's actually functional and you can fire it. Not sure if it damages enemies.Usually spawns after passing the game 5 times, more of an easter egg.




2014-04-28 00007

Spawning in one variant of the map, the Honor artifact can be seen on the far left on the bottom level. Due to the jumps involved at the entrance (pictured at right) there are only six ways to reach it:

  • Climb up the rope next to the entrance, jump off, and use the Commando's Tactical Dive skill at the right moment to get on the entrance's ledge.

Known Bugs Edit

  • On the way to the Honor location, there is a downwards section above a large drop. If you hold left and get high enough onto the section, you will go straight up to the ceiling and stay there.




Dew Point

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