Artifact Of Honor
Map Desolate Forest
Game Alteration Enemies always spawn as elites
Unlock GLOBAL: Found in Desolate Forest
Rarity Artifact
Pickup ARTIFACT UNLOCKED. Enable in character select!

Spawning in one variant of Desolate Forest, the artifact can be seen on the far left on the bottom level. You will need either: two Rusty Jetpacks, a Photon Jetpack, or to play as the Miner or Mercenary (characters with double vertical movement skills) in order to get to it, due to the jumps involved at the entrance. But one Hopoo Feather can easily do the job by itself.  While climbing the rope to the upper left portion of the level, you will note a character-height gap along the wall about halfway up the ladder.  Jump off the ladder toward it and use the jetpacks or skills required to get into it.  Some characters can manage this (such as Commando with a well-timed Tactical Dive) without any jumping items; however, they won't be able to jump up the next ledge.  Continue to the left until you drop down to the artifact below.

The Miner's fourth V skill To The Stars or Mercenary's Whirlwind will give them additional jump height if used correctly. The artifact itself is visible from the very bottom, it looks like a purple cube and does not sit on top of the artifact gate, like the others. Picking it up will unlock the Honor artifact, which will make all enemies spawn as elites. By doing that, the spawn rate of mobs altogether is drastically lowered. By activating the artifact, it will only stop any normal mobs from spawning and will keep the same spawn rate for elites. In addition to that, all bosses will spawn as elites.

Some mobs do not spawn as elites, but will still spawn with Honor active: JellyfishArcher BugToxic Beast Minion.

Even though elite variants of Greater Wisp and Wisp exist, when an Ancient Wisp is slain, only normal variants of the mobs will spawn.

The 56 Leaf Clover item is valuable for this artifact due to the higher percentage of elites.

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