Right trigger Key z
Huntress Skill 1

Fire an arrow for 120% damage. You can shoot all skills while moving.

Laser Glaive
Left trigger Key x
Huntress Skill 2

Throw a glaive that bounces to up to 4 enemies for 300% damage. Increases by 30% per bounce.

Right bumper Key c
Huntress Skill 3

Teleport forward a small distance.

Cluster Bomb
Left bumper Key v
Huntress Skill 4

Fire an explosive arrow for 320% damage. The arrow drops bomblets that detonate for 6x80%.

Can be improved with Ancient Scepter (*shows the improved values).
MK7 RocKeye
Huntress Skill 4 Ancient Scepter

Fire an explosive arrow for 320% damage. The arrow drops bomblets that detonate for 12x80%.


  • The Huntress benefits from both on hit and on kill items. Laser Glaive will proc on-hit items on each bounce. (Compared to most skills, which normally count as one hit, such as the Mercenary's Whirlwind.)
  • Because of Laser Glaive's ability to proc on hit items, items such as the Brilliant Behemoth and the Ukulele can give the Huntress fantastic AOE damage.
  • Using Blink and combining Laser Glaive to round up monsters into a tight group will make Cluster Bomb very effective.
  • The Huntress can run backwards if you remain firing, allowing you to be on the move while dealing damage
  • Combining the Wicked Ring with a decent critical chance (be it from Lens-Maker's Glasses or other crit-based items) allows the huntress to use her Laser Glaive almost as a primary attack, especially in later levels. Since it bounces to a maximum of four enemies, with a 100% critical chance, each arrow will reset the timer, as well as one second's worth of the timer after it, allowing for extremely rapid firing of the Laser Glaive.


  • The in-game description of Strafe's damage was reduced to 120% from 140% in Patch v1.2.0
  • You can use Huntress' ability Blink after you are killed, as well as activate the teleporter after doing so.

Bugs Edit

  • Reaching high attackspeed leaves her stuck in a permanent autoattack animation[verification needed]