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Description On hit: Every attack fires a laser, dealing 40% damage and bouncing to 2 enemies.
Stacking +1 additional bounce.
Unlock Commando: Activate the third teleporter without being hit once.
Rarity Rare
Type Offensive
Pickup Text Pew pew.
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The Hyper-Threader is a rare offensive item in Risk of Rain. On hitting an enemy, every attack fires a laser, dealing 40% damage and bouncing to 2 enemies.[1]

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:  Hyper-ThreaderHyper-Threader Icon
Tracking Number:  936▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

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:  Every attack fires a laser, dealing 40% damage and bouncing to 2 enemies.

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:  High Priority

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:  Despite its appearance, the FNA 200 'Hyper-Threader' Energy Subrifle is anything but fragile.

Using direct energy technology, the FNA 200 can fire superheated gases at a high fire rate. The FNA 200 also requires little to no charging, instead generating energy from the air around it.
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The Hyper Threader is obtained by reaching the third teleporter and activating it, without taking damage once as the Commando class.

The Artifact of Glass is very useful in gaining this item. It will speed up the process, seeing as it requires you to stay unharmed throughout.

The Artifact of Command is also useful. It allows you to choose items which will help get this item quickly. Getting items like the Hermit's Scarf or Paul's Goat Hoof will increase you evasiveness, allowing you to more easily avoid damage.

The Artifact of Kin is also a good choice; however, it can also go against you depending on the enemies chosen. If you're lucky, you may get an enemy which is easy to dodge, like the Lemurian.

It is recommended you play on - DRIZZLE -
Reduces difficulty for players new to the game.
Weeping and gnashing is replaced by laughter and tickles.

Progress is not saved in this mode.
, as it will ease the process.

It is important to know that fall damage, fire trails, and hp shrines, don't count as being hurt.

Character SynergiesEdit

This item goes well with classes that attack more frequently, such as the Commando.

Item SynergiesEdit

This item pairs well with items that increase attack speed, like the Soldier's Syringe


Using the Hyper Threader with the Mercenary often causes lag due to the lasers moving randomly away from targets after using Eviscerate.



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