Interstellar Desk Plant
Interstellar Desk Plant Icon

Description On kill: Upon killing an enemy, spawn an alien plant that heals you for 8 hp.
Stacking +3 health per fruit.
Unlock CHEF: SEAR/FLAMBE 20 Sand Crabs.
Rarity Rare
Type Defensive
Pickup Text Sprout a tree on kill, granting healing fruits
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The Interstellar Desk Plant is a rare defensive item in Risk of Rain. On killing an enemy, spawn an alien plant that heals you for 8 hp.[1]
Interstellar Desk Plant Shipping Details

The Interstellar Desk Plant is a rare item in Risk of Rain. It grows little green healing plants at the place where an enemy was killed. You can collect those plants to heal.

To unlock it go to dry lake and use CHEF to cook any crabs you find, Sear/Flambe must be the attack that kills the Sand Crab.

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:  Interstellar Desk PlantInterstellar Desk Plant Icon
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:  Upon killing an enemy, spawn an alien plant that heals you for 8 hp.

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You know how people always have those on their desks? Well this isn't just for the cuts and burns; this makes you feel good EVERYWHERE. Vitamins, proteins, you name it, this plant got it. Takes very little time for it to bear another fruit as well, but it does require some strange potting soil... as in carcasses. Small carcasses.

ANYWAYS, shoot me n email if you are interested!
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  • The plant's fruit will disappear if left for too long (30 seconds?).  This, combined with the delayed spawn time, makes the plant much more suitable for tanks or melee characters (or other builds relying on close-range on-kill effects) than hit-and-run characters.
  • Aside from the above tip, the 8 HP per plant and +3 for each stack of the item is underpowered considering how quickly that becomes a negligible amount of health and that it has to be manually picked up.  Consider the Monster Tooth, whose health boost (and stack) is larger, spawns instantly from a defeated enemy, and seeks out the character over at least a full screen.

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  • This item may be a reference the Ender's Game sequel Speaker for the Dead, in which trees grow from the bodies of creatures on Lusitania.


  • The plant seems to spawn either randomly or sometimes far from the body of the enemy that presumably triggered it.
  • In the shipping details it says "caracasses" instead of carcasses.



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