Complete Item Log

A complete Item Log

An Item is a randomized collectible that spawns over the course of the game. There is no limit to how many items the player can hold at once. Each item has a colored border around them that indicates their rarity:

1 - only found by killing boss enemies
2 - although usable items technically have their own rarity as dictated by their border, they actually have individual drop rates (for example, a Captain's Brooch has a lower likelihood of dropping than a Foreign Fruit)

Items can be found inside Chests, Shops and Roulette Chambers. Large Containers also have a chance (albeit small) to have an item inside them along with the standard health, gold and experience. Shrines (both the gold and health variants) can also give the player items, however this is not guaranteed. Boss enemies will always drop an item when killed, and each Boss has a chance of dropping an item that is unique to them. Items take 30 seconds to disappear when left on the ground.

Passive Items

The majority of the items in this game are equipped passively and are always active. They can be stacked and do not appear to have a stacking limit, however some seem to have reduced effects when stacked; further testing is required to determine how much each item is affected. Do note, however, that unless otherwise stated, collecting multiples of the same item with an effect that has a chance of activating will not increase the chances of the effect being triggered (look at Ifrit's Horn in the tables below for an example). There are three main categories that these items fall into: Offensive, Defensive and Other.


These are the items that ultimately increase your damage output in some way. They do this by adding Crowd Control effects (like stuns and slows) or bonus damage to the player's character or their attacks.

Icon Name Description Stacking[1] How to Unlock Rarity Item Name
AtG Missile Mk. 1 Icon
AtG Missile Mk. 1 On hit: 10% chance of firing a missile that deals 300% damage +10% chance to fire missile

Not Locked

AtG Missile Mk. 2 Icon
AtG Missile Mk. 2 On hit: 7% chance of firing three missiles that deal 3x300% damage +7% chance to fire missiles

Not Locked

Barbed Wire Icon
Barbed Wire Enemies close to you take 50% damage/sec +20% larger radius and +10% damage/sec

Not Locked

Boxing Gloves Icon
Boxing Gloves On hit: 6% chance to knock enemies back (15% on game description) ~+5% knockback chance

Not Locked

Brilliant Behemoth Icon
Brilliant Behemoth All your attacks explode for a bonus 20% damage to nearby enemies. +20% explosion damage

Not Locked

Burning Witness Icon
Burning Witness On kill: +5% movement speed, +1 damage and grants a firetrail (identical to Fireman's Boots) for 6 seconds +5% movement speed, increases duration

Dropped by Magma Worm

Ceremonial Dagger Icon
Ceremonial Dagger On kill: fire four heat-seeking bolts that deal 4x100% damage Fire two additional bolts

Not Locked

Chargefield Generator Icon
Chargefield Generator On kill: generate a lightning ring around the player, dealing 50% damage/sec for 6 seconds.
Killing additional enemies while the ring is active increases the ring's size and refreshes its duration
+10% damage/sec

Mercenary: Eviscerate 50 enemies.

Crowbar Icon
Crowbar On hit: +50% damage to enemies above 80% health +30% damage

Not Locked

Fireman's Boots Icon
Fireman's Boots Walking leaves behind a fire trail that burns for 35% damage +20% damage

GLOBAL: Survive in lava for one minute straight.

Gasoline Icon
Gasoline On kill: Burns the ground for 60% damage/sec for two seconds +40% damage

GLOBAL: Defeat 20 Lemurians in one playthrough.

Golden Gun Icon
Golden Gun Deals bonus damage depending on how much gold the player has, up to +40% damage at 700 gold; scales with time Halves the gold required for the maximum damage bonus

GLOBAL: Bank 20,000 gold.

Headstompers Icon
Headstompers Falling on top of enemies deals up to 507% damage, depending on speed Increases maximum damage

Not Locked

Heaven Cracker Icon
Heaven Cracker Every fourth basic attack fires a linear, piercing round straight forward, dealing 100% damage Reduces attacks required by one; at 4 stacks, pierces on every attack

Not Locked

Hyper-Threader Icon
Hyper-Threader Every attack fires a laser, dealing 40% damage and bouncing to 2 enemies +1 additional bounce

Commando: Activate the third teleporter without being hit once

Ifrit's Horn Icon
Ifrit's Horn On hit: Has an 8% chance to incinerate onscreen enemies, dealing 220% damage +30% damage

Dropped by Ifrit.

Legendary Spark Icon
Legendary Spark On hit: Has an 8% chance to smite onscreen enemies, dealing 200% damage +1 extra 200% damage smite

Dropped by Ancient Wisp.

Mortar Tube Icon
Mortar Tube On hit: Has a 9% chance to fire a mortar that hits roughly five characters away, dealing 170% damage +170% damage

Not Locked

Plasma Chain Icon
Plasma Chain On hit: chance to tether onto enemies, dealing 60% damage/sec +1 simultaneous tether target

Not Locked

Predatory Instincts Icon
Predatory Instincts +5% crit chance.
On crit: increase attack speed by 10% for three seconds; this effect can stack up to three times for a total of +30% attack speed(further stacks will only refresh the duration)
+5% crit chance, +1% extra attack speed on crit

Huntress: Defeat the Legendary Wisp without taking damage.

Rusty Knife Icon
Rusty Knife On hit: 15% chance to cause a bleed on an enemy, dealing 4x35% damage over two seconds

+15% chance to trigger

Not Locked

Shattering Justice Icon
Shattering Justice On hit: reduce enemy armor by 5 for two seconds; this effect can stack up to five times for a total of -25 armor (further stacks will only refresh the duration) +0.5s debuff duration

Miner: Reach level 10 without getting hurt more than once.

Sticky Bomb Icon
Sticky Bomb On hit: 8% chance to attach a bomb to an enemy, detonating for 140% damage +40% damage

Engineer: Detonate 15 "Bounding Mines" within 5 seconds.

Telescopic Sight Icon
Telescopic Sight On hit: 1% chance to instantly kill an enemy +0.5% instakill chance, up to a maximum of 3%

Sniper: 1-shot kill 10 enemies consecutively.

Tesla Coil Icon
Tesla Coil Shock nearby enemies for 150% damage, bouncing to other enemies at a range of 100 up to 5 times +50% damage

Not Locked

Thallium Icon
Thallium On hit: 10% chance to damage/slow by 500 enemy damage% and 100% speed over 3 seconds Does not stack

Not Locked

The Ol' Lopper Icon
The Ol' Lopper On hit: 100% crit chance on enemies below 9% health +4% health threshold, up to a cap of 35% health at 8 stacks

GLOBAL: Survive 40 minutes.

Toxic Worm Icon
Toxic Worm Touching an enemy infects it, dealing 50% damage/sec until they die; bounces to other enemies on death +1 simultaneous infection target

Acrid: Spread 10,000 feet of "Caustic Sludge".

Ukulele Icon
Ukulele On hit: 20% chance to fire chain lightning for 4x33% damage +33% damage per bounce

Not Locked

Will-o'-the-wisp Icon
Will-o'-the-wisp On kill: 33% chance to create a lava pillar, dealing 500% damage Increases damage

Not Locked

Bundle of Fireworks Icon
Bundle of Fireworks Fire 8 fireworks that deal 300% damage +2 Fireworks per stack, fireworks do additional damage

Not Locked

Frost Relic Icon
Frost Relic On kill: Killing an enemy surrounds you with 3 icicles that deal 3x33% damage +1 additional icicle.

Not Locked

Laser Turbine Icon
Laser Turbine All your attacks charge the generator. At full power, fire a laser for 2000% damage. Increases charge amount per ability use.

CHEF: Have 20 cleavers in the air simultaneously



These are the items that increase the player's survivability. They do this by either increasing the player's health and armor stats or by increasing their health regeneration in some way. Do keep in mind that items that increase health will only do so up to a value of 9999.

Icon Name Description Stacking[1] How to Unlock Rarity Item Name
Bitter Root Icon
Bitter Root Increases maximum health by 8% +8% maximum health, up to a maximum of +300% bonus health at 38 stacks

GLOBAL: Reach 650 health.

Bustling Fungus Icon
Bustling Fungus After standing still for two seconds: +4.5% of your maximum health as HPregen/sec +4.5% to HPregen/sec

Not Locked

Colossal Knurl Icon
Colossal Knurl +40 maximum health, +1.2 HPregen/sec, +6 armor +40 maximum health, +1.2 HPregen/sec, +6 armor

Dropped by Colossus.

Dead Man's Foot Icon
Dead Man's Foot Drop a poison mine at low health for 4x150% damage +1 poison tick

GLOBAL: Find the bloated survivor.

Dio's Best Friend Icon
Dio's Best Friend On death: revive at 40% health with two seconds of invincibility Can not be stacked for multiple revives, but if the revive effect has been used, picking up another of these will reset it

GLOBAL: Die 50 times.

Guardian's Heart Icon
Guardian's Heart Gain a shield worth 60 health; this shield instantly recovers after 7 seconds without taking any type of damage +60 shield amount

Not Locked

Harvester's Scythe Icon
Harvester's Scythe +5% crit chance;
On crit: recover 8 health
+5% crit chance; +2 health on crit

GLOBAL: Use a health shrine that drops you below 5% health.

Infusion Icon
Infusion On kill: increase max health by one +0.5 max health on kill

Not Locked

Leeching Seed Icon
Leeching Seed On hit: recover 2 health; hitting mulitple enemies at once will increase amount recovered +1 health on hit

Not Locked

Meat Nugget Icon
Meat Nugget On hit: 8% chance to drop two meat nuggets that recover 2x6 health +6 health per meat nugget

Not Locked

Medkit Icon
Medkit 1.1 seconds after taking any type of damage: recover 10 health +10 health per heal

Not Locked

Monster Tooth Icon
Monster Tooth On kill: recover 10 health +5 health on kill

Not Locked

Mysterious Vial Icon
Mysterious Vial +1.2 HPregen/sec +1.2 HPregen/sec

Not Locked

Panic Mines Icon
Panic Mines When at low health: drop a mine that deals 500% damage +1 mines dropped

Miner: Survive the teleporter event without falling below 50% health.

Repulsion Armor Icon
Repulsion Armor After being hit 6 times: reduce and reflect incoming damage by 83% for three seconds +1s reflect duration, up to a maximum of 8 seconds at 6 stacks

Not Locked

Sprouting Egg Icon
Sprouting Egg After not taking any type of damage for 7 seconds: +2.4 HPregen/sec +2.4 HP/sec when out of combat.

Not Locked

Tough Times Icon
Tough Times +14 armor +14 armor

Not Locked

Interstellar Desk Plant Icon
Interstellar Desk Plant On kill: Upon killing an enemy , spawn an alien plant that heals you for 8 hp. +3 health per fruit.




These are the items that don't directly affect the player's stats and/or attacks; nevertheless, they're still highly beneficial to the player in some way.

Icon Name Description Stacking[1] How to Unlock Rarity Item Name
56 Leaf Clover Icon
56 Leaf Clover Elite mobs have a 4% chance to drop items +4% item drop chance, up to a maximum of 30% at 8 stacks

GLOBAL: Kill the Scavenger.

Alien Head Icon
Alien Head Decreases your cooldowns by 25% Stacks multiplicatively up to 3 times. (60% reduction)

GLOBAL: Collect 7 Monster Teeth and one Guardian's Heart.

Ancient Scepter Icon
Ancient Scepter Upgrade your fourth ability; this is unique to each character class Doesn't stack

Mercenary: Beat the game on Monsoon difficulty.

Arms Race Icon
Arms Race On drone action: 9% chance for drones to fire missiles and mortars Increases chance of firing artillery

HAN-D: Kill 10 enemies simultaneously with FORCED-REASSEMBLY.

Beating Embryo Icon
Beating Embryo Usable items have a 30% chance to have double the effect Increases duplication chance

Not Locked

Concussion Grenade Icon
Concussion Grenade On hit: 6% chance to stun enemies for two seconds Increases stun chance

Engineer: Kill a Boss in 15 seconds or less.

Energy Cell Icon
Energy Cell When below 50% health: increases attack speed; maxes out at 10% health with +40% attack speed Increases attack speed bonus when triggered

Not Locked

Filial Imprinting Icon
Filial Imprinting Drops attack speed/health regen/move speed buffs every 20 seconds +1 for first 3. (Unsure after, needed 7 before got a 4th.)

GLOBAL: Drown 20 Whorls.

Fire Shield Icon
Fire Shield After being hit for 10% of your maximum health in one hit: explode, dealing 200% damage Increases explosion damage

Not Locked

Happiest Mask Icon
Happiest Mask On kill: spawn a ghost of the killed enemy with 70% health and 50% damage for 15 seconds Increases ghost damage and durability

Not Locked

Hermit's Scarf Icon
Hermit's Scarf 10% chance to evade attacks Increases dodge chance, up to a maximum of 35% at six stacks

Huntress: Achieve 200% attack speed.

Hopoo Feather Icon
Hopoo Feather Gain an additional Jump Add another jump

Not Locked

Imp Overlord's Tentacle Icon
Imp Overlord's Tentacle Summon an imp as a bodyguard; the imp revives every 60 seconds Increases imp strength

Dropped by Imp Overlord.

Lens Maker's Glasses Icon
Lens Maker's Glasses +10% crit chance Stacks multiplicatively

Not Locked

Life Savings Icon
Life Savings Generate $1 every 3 seconds. +1 gold generation rate

Not Locked

Old Box Icon
Old Box When at low health: drop a jack-in-the-box that fears enemies for two seconds Widens the health range

Not Locked

Paul's Goat Hoof Icon
Paul's Goat Hoof +20% movement speed Further increases movement speed

GLOBAL: Fail a shrine 3 times in a row.

Permafrost Icon
Permafrost On hit: chance to stun enemies for 1.5 seconds and slow enemies by 60% for three seconds Increases chance

Not Locked

Photon Jetpack Icon
Photon Jetpack Allows the player to fly for up to 1.6 seconds nonstop; the jetpack's fuel tank quickly refills when not in use +0.8 maximum flight duration

GLOBAL: End a teleporter timer with 0 enemies on the map.

Prison Shackles Icon
Prison Shackles On hit: slow enemies by 20% Increases duration of the slow

Not Locked

Rapid Mitosis Icon
Rapid Mitosis Reduce the cooldown of use items by 25% +25% cooldown reduction, stacking multiplicatively

Not Locked

Red Whip Icon
Red Whip Increase speed out of combat by 80% Unconfirmed

Not Locked

Rusty Jetpack Icon
Rusty Jetpack +10% jump height; halves the effect of gravity on the player +10% jump height

Not Locked

Smart Shopper Icon
Smart Shopper +25% enemy gold drops +25% enemy gold drops

Not Locked

Snake Eyes Icon
Snake Eyes On shrine fail: +6% crit chance; this bonus can stack with successive failures, but will disappear when the player passes a shrine or will eventually fade away after a certain amount of time Increases crit chance for each shrine fail

GLOBAL: Pass a shrine 4 times in a row.

Soldier's Syringe Icon
Soldier's Syringe +15% attack speed +15% attack speed up to a max of 8 stacks

Commando: Dodge 7 lethal attacks.

Spikestrip Icon
Spikestrip When hit: drop spikestrips that slow enemies by 20% Increases the duration by 1 second per stack starting at 2.

Enforcer: Block 2000 damage total with your shield.

The Hit List Icon
The Hit List Onscreen enemies will be randomly marked; on marked kill: increases damage up to a maximum of 20 Increases the amount of simultaneously marked enemies by 1 per item in the stack.

Bandit: Reset your cooldowns 15 times consecutively.

Time Keeper's Secret Icon
Time Keeper's Secret When at low health: stop time for three seconds +1s time stop duration up to a max of 8 stacks for 10 seconds pause

Not Locked

Warbanner Icon
Warbanner On level up: drop a banner; banner aura increases attack and move speed by 30%, damage by 4 and grants 1% of your maximum health as HPregen/sec.
Banner auras are independent; as such, if the player is standing in multiple auras at once, they will have far greater bonuses
Increases banner aura size

Not Locked

Wicked Ring Icon
Wicked Ring On crit: reduces cooldowns by 1 second +1s cooldown reduction on crit

GLOBAL: Collect 4 keycards.

Taser Icon
Taser 7% chance to snare enemies for 1.5 seconds Increases snare duration by 0.5 seconds

Loader: Travel for 20,000 feet using the Hydraulic Gauntlet


Use Items

Use Items are different in their workings - unlike passive items, the player can only have one type of use item at a time and cannot stack it repeatedly; however, should they find another Use Item during gameplay, they can choose to swap between the two. This opens up a multitude of strategies, both for specific classes and for players themselves. Use Items will disappear after a certain amount of time if they are left on the floor.

If a Use Item is on cooldown when swapped with another, the new one will still have to wait for the old one's cooldown to end before it can be used.

Icon Name Description Beating Embryo effect Cooldown How to Unlock Item Name
Dynamite Plunger Icon
Dynamite Plunger Hitting an enemy drops dynamite. Use to detonate for 400% damage. Throws two dynamite at once 45 seconds

Loader: Kill the Overloading Magma Worm

Gigantic Amethyst Icon
Gigantic Amethyst Resets all skill cooldowns (Unknown) 8 seconds

Obtain 30 items in one playthrough.

Thqwib Icon
Thqwib Release a bloom of 30 thqwibs, detonating on impact for 200% Releases twice as many Thqwib 45 seconds

Not Locked

Captain's Brooch Icon
Captain's Brooch Call down a chest nearby Calls down an additional chest. 135 seconds

GLOBAL: Unlock a Golden Chest with the Skeleton Key.

Carrara Marble Icon
Carrara Marble Place a marble gate at your current location; teleport back to the gate by activating again N/A 3 seconds (placement)
45 seconds (activation)

Not Locked

Crudely Drawn Buddy Icon
Crudely Drawn Buddy Creates a decoy of the player, attracting enemies for 8 seconds Doubles duration of decoy 45 seconds

Sniper: Achieve 20 consecutive reloads.

Disposable Missile Launcher Icon
Disposable Missile Launcher Fire a swarm of missiles # of missiles (confirm) 45 seconds

Not Locked

Drone Repair Kit Icon
Drone Repair Kit Repairs all drone helpers to full health N/A 45 seconds

Not Locked

Foreign Fruit Icon
Foreign Fruit Heal yourself for 50% of your health Recover all of your health 45 seconds

Not Locked

Glowing Meteorite Icon
Glowing Meteorite Meteors randomly fall from the sky, damaging enemies and friends for 220% damage each; lasts 8 seconds # of meteors and active duration 70 seconds

GLOBAL: Deal 5000 damage in one shot.

Gold-plated Bomb Icon
Gold-plated Bomb Use 50% of your gold to create a bomb, dealing 1 damage per gold spent 2 damage per gold spent 45 seconds

Not Locked

Instant Minefield Icon
Instant Minefield Drop 7 mines at your feet for 7x400% damage +6 mines 45 seconds

Not Locked

Jar of Souls Icon
Jar of Souls Duplicate every enemy as a ghost to fight on your side Summon an additional ghost per enemy 45 seconds

Not Locked

Lost Doll Icon
Lost Doll Sacrifice 25% of your current health to damage an enemy for 500% of your maximum health Unknown 45 seconds

GLOBAL: Survive a boss with less than 20% health.

Massive Leech Icon
Massive Leech For 10 seconds, on hit: recover 10 health Increases health restored per hit (confirm) 45 seconds

Acrid: Spread "Epidemic" to 25 enemies.

Nematocyst Nozzle Icon
Nematocyst Nozzle Shoot out 6 nematocysts that deal 6x200% damage Shoot 12 nematocysts instead of 6 23 seconds

Dropped by Wandering Vagrant.

Pillaged Gold Icon
Pillaged Gold Every monster in view drops 10 gold. (Enemies drop 1 gold when hit. In-game item log is wrong.) # of gold dropped (confirm) 45 seconds

Bandit: Kill a boss with "Lights Out".

Prescriptions Icon
Prescriptions For 8 seconds, +10 damage and +40% attack speed Doubles the attack speed increment (only) 45 seconds

Enforcer: Stay in "Shield Mode" for 5 minutes straight (in combat).

Rotten Brain Icon
Rotten Brain Throw out a brain that bounces in place, damaging/slowing enemies for 6x200% Throw an additional brain 45 seconds

Not Locked

Safeguard Lantern Icon
Safeguard Lantern Drop a lantern that fears and damages enemies for 20% damage/sec; lasts 10 seconds. Doubles duration of lantern 45 seconds

Not Locked

Sawmerang Icon
Sawmerang Throw out a sawmerang for 500% damage and bleed for 4*100%. Launches an identical Sawmerang behind the player 45 seconds

Not Locked

Shattered Mirror Icon
Shattered Mirror For 15 seconds, double all of your abilities' damage and effects Damage and effects are tripled instead 75 seconds

Not Locked

Shield Generator Icon
Shield Generator Become invincible for 8 seconds Doubles invincibility duration 45 seconds

HAN-D: Stay above 70% health for 25 minutes.

Skeleton Key Icon
Skeleton Key Open all chests in view Chance of more rare items? 90 seconds

Not Locked

Snowglobe Icon
Snowglobe Summon a snowstorm that has a 30% chance of freezing enemies every second; lasts 7 seconds Doubles snowstorm duration 45 seconds

Not Locked

The Back-up Icon
The Back-up Summon four drones to fight for you; lasts 10 seconds

+2 Drones

45 seconds

GLOBAL: Have 4 drone helpers at once.

Unstable Watch Icon
Unstable Watch Stop time for 7 seconds Doubles timestop duration 67 seconds

GLOBAL: Complete the first stage in under 5 minutes.

Special Items

These items are not present in the Item Log - they are unique to a single location in the game.

Icon Name Description Location Item Name
Keycard Icon
Keycard Opens locked doors in the UES Contact Light

Risk of Rain: inside Golden Containers/dropped by certain enemies.

White Undershirt (M) Icon
White Undershirt (M) +3 armor

Boar Beach: dropped by Armored Boar


All Artifacts

All the artifacts.

Artifacts are really just ways to alter how the game is played, and once collected, add additional game options at the character select screen. Some, like Command, are just better for the player. Others, like Distortion, make the game significantly harder. Others are mixed, such as Spirit, offering benefits to the player and enemies alike.

These can be collected in multiplayer, and as long as one person playing has collected the artifact the option can be enabled (although collections must be done independently for all players to use the artifact in single player); i.e. it's not limited to the host[verification needed]. Artifacts can be collected on - RAINSTORM -
This is the way the game is meant to be played!
Test your abilities and skills against formidable foes.
and - MONSOON -
For hardcore players.
Every bend introduces pain and horrors of the planet.
You will die.
difficulties and it is not required to beat Providence. Picking it up and dying or quitting is sufficient.
Icon Name Area Game effect Notes Item Name
Artifact Of Honor
Honor Desolate Forest Enemies always spawn as elites Has good synergy with 56 Leaf Clover. Using this artifact will decrease spawn rates as all enemies are elites.
Artifact Of Kin
Kin Dried Lake Only one enemy type spawns per stage Enemy type is determined upon entering the area and is listed up next to the difficulty bar and timer.
Artifact Of Distortion
Distortion Damp Caverns Lock a random skill every minute Can lock your primary Z skill and is not guaranteed to switch skills on the next minute mark
Artifact Of Spite
Spite Sky Meadow Enemies explode on death Enemies release particles that resemble the Engineer's grenades, which fly at random trajectories and bounce for a few seconds before exploding. Be aware that these grenades only hurt the player, not enemies.
Artifact Of Glass
Glass Ancient Valley Deal 500% damage, but have 10% health Useful to unlock the "no damage" achievements.

Does not affect the HP gained from Infusion, even though it probably should.

Artifact Of Enigma
Enigma Sunken Tomb Use items have a random effect It is itself a use item that you get at the start. It has a random (use item) effect when used. Can be replaced if you find another use item. Replaces all use item drops with Small Enigma, which decreases cooldown.
Artifact Of Sacrifice
Sacrifice Magma Barracks Chests no longer spawn; monsters now drop items on death Effect of this artifact stack with 56 Leaf Clover.
Artifact Of Command
Command Hive Cluster Items are no longer random This one is easy to get and makes getting the others easier
Artifact Of Spirit
Spirit Temple of the Elders Characters run faster at lower health Applies to enemies as well
Artifact Of Origin
Origin Risk of Rain (Level) Imps invade the map every 10 minutes Every 10 minutes, large portal appears and spawn 3 to 5 Purple Imps and 1 Imp Vanguard.


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