Laser Turbine
Laser Turbine Icon

Description All your attacks charge the generator. At full power, fire a laser for 2000% damage.
Stacking Increases charge amount per ability use.
Unlock CHEF: Have 20 cleavers in the air simultaneously.
Rarity Rare
Type Offensive
Damage Type Explosive
Pickup Text Using skills charges up to a huge laser blast.
Laser Turbine Shipping Details

The Laser Turbine is a rare offensive item in Risk of Rain and deals explosive damage.[1] It automatically flashes a screen wide horizontal laser beam when fully charged by attacks, damaging all enemies that are on the same level as the player. The beam is not stopped by walls.
The higher one's attack speed, the more attacks are required to charge the laser. This definitely includes permanent item effects (such as the Soldier's Syringe), but may or may not include temporary effects (such as Predatory Instincts or drops from Filial Imprintings). Furthermore, while it is possible to acquire enough Laser Turbines to fire after every attack at a given attack speed, the laser will not fire unless it has been more than ~0.6 seconds since it last fired.

The beam can be used to activate terrain interactive objects, such as buttons, cracked stone in the Artifact of Spite variant of Sky Meadow, and levers on Magma Barracks Artifact of Sacrifice version.

Cannot break the stone wall in Dried Lake Artifact of Kin version.

This item was added in the v1.2 Patch.

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:  Laser TurbineLaser Turbine Icon
Tracking Number:  772▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  All your attacks charge the generator. At full power, fire a laser for 2000% damage.

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:  High Priority/Fragile

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:  Replacement laser turbine for the photon power plant. The thing is deceptively small, but it holds immense power. Keep it away from all electromagnetic sources; it will charge from the field, and if the capacitor becomes overloaded, it WILL discharge.
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  • On the Achievements screen, this item is listed as the "Gauss Laser," which is the name of the optional weapon you can use against the final boss in the final stage.


Does immense power to yourself as Mercenary using Eviscerate



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