Leeching Seed
Leeching Seed Icon

Description On hit: Dealing damage heals you for 2 health.
Stacking +1 health on hit.
Unlock Not Locked
Rarity Uncommon
Type Defensive
Pickup Text Dealing damage heals you.
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The Leeching Seed is an uncommon defensive item in Risk of Rain. On hitting an enemy, dealing damage heals you for 2 health.[1] It heals the player by 2 HP every time they deal physical damage (White numbers) to an enemy. When moving with the Leeching Seed equipped, a red trail appears behind the player. Hitting multiple enemies will increase amount healed.

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:  Leeching SeedLeeching Seed Icon
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:  Dealing damage heals you for 2 health.

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:  Priority/Biological

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:  These seeds are recently germinating, so be quick! These flesh-infesting pods seem to burrow, balloon, and then pop in a few months. Most test patients have... died. However, before they die, they feel increased health and state of mind!

In fact, the pods themselves seem to develop spores, which if collected can be turned into a pain reliever.

Find a way to stop its growth cycle at that state, and you have yourself a great healing agent.
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Character SynergiesEdit

Leeching Seed is a very valuable item for most characters, but it's most valuable on characters with high rates of fire (Commando, Bandit, Huntress), characters that have attacks that hit multiple times, (Acrid, Engineer, Loader) or characters that can hit multiple enemies at once (Miner, Mercenary, Enforcer). HAN-D and Sniper benefit the least from Leeching Seed due to their low rates of fire and slow attacking speeds.  HAN-D's drones *will* provide the heal, which is somewhat useful, and his huge knockback and stun on auto-attack provide plenty of safety for getting those hits in to get back HP.

Item SynergiesEdit

There are so many items that go with Leeching Seed, but the best items are the ones that allow more hits over time, even in a passive manner such as DoTs.  Here is a list of items that Leeching Seed synergises quite well with:

Common Items: (White)Edit

  • Warbanner: Although this item doesn't directly stack with Leeching Seed it gives additional attack speed while standing in its radius.
  • Fire Shield: After being hit for 10% of your maximum health in one hit, you will retaliate and deal 200% damage. Although small, the damage will proc a heal for each enemy hit.

Uncommon Items: (Green)Edit

  • Predatory Instincts: Critical Strikes increase attack speed allowing more attacks in and receiving more healing.
  • Concussion Grenade: 6% Chance to stun the enemy for two seconds, giving you enough time to get more hits in.
  • Energy Cell: When below 50% health, gain additional attack speed. This maxes out at 10% with +40% attack speed.
  • Time Keeper's Secret: Can be a life saver, allowing free hits to get out of critical condition.

Rare Items: (Red)Edit

  • Heaven Cracker: Every 4th basic attack pierces through enemies for 100% damage.  Line up a large group for the 4th hit to provide a large heal.[verification needed]
  • Hyper-Threader: Every attack fires a laser which damages the target then bounces off to two enemies.  The laser deals separate damage to the initial target, so will proc its own heal from Leeching Seed. Each bounce will also proc a heal.[verification needed]
  • Laser Turbine: Attacks charge the generator, at full power it then fires a laser dealing 2000% damage across the full screen, hitting everything in its path. This item can be very beneficial if there are a lot of enemies in a horizontal line.[verification needed]
  • Repulsion Armor: After 6 hits reduce and reflect 83% damage for the next 3 seconds. In the thick of the fight this item reflects damage allowing Leeching Seed to apply its passive.[verification needed]

Boss Items: (Yellow)Edit

  • Not applicable with any of these items.

Use Items: (Orange)Edit

  • Shattered Mirror: For 15 seconds all of your abilities are doubled by a shadow clone, doubling the heals for every one of your damage sources.
  • Prescriptions: Additional 40% attack speed for more Leeching Seed procs.
  • Unstable Watch: No direct synergy but it stops enemies in place granting you a very big window to heal up.
  • Rotten Brain: This item bounces 7 times and applies Leeching Seed to all enemies hit with it. The catch is it bounces vertically with no horizontal movement.  Kite a large group to a ladder and drop it under you to rack up some heals.[verification needed]
  • Gigantic Amethyst: Instantly refresh all cooldowns.  Depending on the character, you can get many more hits out and accompanying heals.

Special Items: (Purple)Edit

  • Not applicable with any of these items.





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