Lens-Maker's Glasses
Lens Maker's Glasses Icon

Description (7%) On hit: Your attacks have a chance to critically strike, dealing double damage.
Stacking +7% crit chance. 100% chance to crit on 14 stacks.
Unlock Not Locked
Rarity Common
Type Support
Pickup Text Chance to do double damage
Lens-Maker's Glasses Shipping Details

The Lens-Maker's Glasses is a common support item in Risk of Rain. On hitting an enemy, the player has a 7% chance to critically strike, dealing double damage. When an attack critically strikes, it will make a sharp noise, and the damage text will be emboldened with a red outline.

Tactics Edit

Explanation about Stacking & Crit Chance Edit

Each stack of Lens-Maker's Glasses linearly increases your critical chance by 7%. Normally, having at most 14 stacks of this item will guarantee you 100% critical chance:

  • Every character starts with 1% crit chance at the beginning.
  • All crit chance increasing items, including Harvester's Scythe (+5%), Predatory Instincts (+5%), Wicked Ring (+6%), and Lens-Maker's Glasses (+7%), additively contribute to the crit chance together.
  • Although the value of crit chance is not capped, crit chance has no effect beyond 100%.
  • If no other crit chance increasing item has been picked already, picking up a Lens-Maker's Glasses will raise crit chance by 10% (as what the in-game item description says) instead of 7%. Otherwise, picking up the first Lens-Maker's Glasses will only give you 7%.

All of this translates into:

  • If Lens-Maker's Glasses is the only crit-enhancing item that has been collected in the run, the crit chance on 14 stacks would be: 1% + (10% × 1) + (7% × 13) = 102% ➙ 100%.
  • If at least one of the other crit-enhancing items has been collected before the 1st pair of glasses, the minimum crit chance on 14 stacks would be: 1% + >5% + (7% × 14) = 104% ➙ 100%.

Item Synergies Edit


  • The mailing location, Grievenkamp, is a reference to John E. Grievenkamp, an optical scientist.
  • The old crit chance stacking was: (1 - (0.9)^x)*100, while x is the number of stacks. This formula worked in an unknown old patch, and has been since changed, there is no information if this was a bug or if it was a untold test.
  • Getting this item makes a red star shape appear above the player character.