Right trigger Key z
Loader Skill 1

Batter nearby enemies for 120%. Every third hit deals 240% and knocks up enemies.

0 seconds

Debris Shield
Left trigger Key x
Loader Skill 2

Shield yourself for 100% of your health for 3 seconds while also increasing your move speed.

5 seconds

Hydraulic Gauntlet
Right bumper Key c
Loader Skill 3

Fire your gauntlet forward. If it hits an enemy or wall you pull yourself towards them, stunning and hurting enemies for 210%.

3 seconds

M440 Conduit
Left bumper Key v
Loader Skill 4

Place a lightning rod. After placing two, lightning surges between them, dealing 80% damage per second for 9 seconds.

2 seconds
Can be improved with Ancient Scepter (*shows the improved values).
M700X Discharge Conduit
Loader Skill 4 Ancient Scepter

Place a lightning rod. After placing two, lightning surges between them, dealing 80% damage per second for 9 seconds and stunning initial enemies.


  • Contrary to what the description says, Debris Shield actually makes you completely invincible for a whopping 3 seconds, more time than any other immunity skill in the game. The speed boost is very brief however, and only lasts for a fraction of a second at the very beginning of the duration.
  • Because of the Loader's naturally high attack speed, building on hit items such as AtG Missile Mk. 1,Ukulele, or Permafrost is more effective than most melee classes.
  • Since Knuckleboom requires the player to continuously press the button to keep using the attack, stacking large amounts of attack speed items is actually not recommended, as most people simply cannot mash the button fast enough to maximise the attacks per second, wasting the items. Generally speaking, loader needs only about half the required attack speed cap in items to have the most amount of attacks per second if the player mashes the button. Any more than that will either need extremely quick fingers on the players part, or some form of script installed.
  • Getting a Wicked Ring is extremely valuable on the Loader, as with very few crit items, you can maintain Debris Shield indefinitely in combat.
  • Three Alien Heads also allow you to maintain Debris Shield indefinitely, without the need to be in combat.
  • Debris Shield will also provide invincibility to your drones, making large numbers of drones very effective due to little risk of them being destroyed and having to pay to repair them.
  • The M440 Conduit hitbox is actually much larger than the visuals would imply. This is because when the lightning rods arc lightning between each other, the game draws a hidden bounding box area, with the rods being opposite corners of said box, while the lightning visuals only draw the diagonal of the hitbox. This means that M440 Conduit is exponentially more effective if the separate rods are placed both horizontally AND vertically far apart, as the horizontal area of the lightning gets multiplied by the vertical distance between the rods.
  • You can use Hydraulic Gauntlet to hook and travel to M440 Conduit lightning rods.
  • Beware when using items such as Rusty Knife or Leeching Seed, the items effects will only happen when using Knuckleboom or Hydraulic Gauntlet, so be wary of this.
  • There is a mobility quirk with the Loader, where if you manage to press the 'Jump' button on the same frame of Knuckleboom's actual impact of the 1st or 2nd attack, the Loader will lunge forward a moderate distance in the direction he is facing. Having a timing window of 1 frame however, this trick is very difficult to pull off consistently.
  • You will be stopped prematurely if you hit an obstruction while using Hydraulic Gauntlet. This however does not include jump pads, and you will usually dash over them, potentially saving time and health by not having to bounce all the way up.
  • When using Hydraulic Gauntlet, you can sometimes pull yourself onto ledges, however, due to how the game's physics work, you must pull yourself to a ledge from a point below said ledge, e.g. hooking to a ledge while falling. Pulling yourself when you are level with the ledge will result in you smashing your face into the ledge and not pulling on top of it, and pulling from above can sometimes fling you down and away from the ledge.
  • Hydraulic Gauntlet will hook to the 'ghosts' which are generated by Happiest Mask & Jar of Souls. This can interfere with trying to hit an enemy, making these items less valuable for the Loader.
  • Knuckleboom can effectively stunlock many enemies and break their attacks, especially inside the area of a Warbanner or when stacking Soldier's Syringe.  This can make many very dangerous enemies (eg. Sand Crab , Rock Golem , and Spitter) very easy early on, making life much safer when using the Glass relic.
  • Due to its large potential area coverage, M440 Conduit is very useful at killing all the tiny imps once they have spawned.

Trivia Edit

  • The Loader seems to have taken inspiration from the Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader from the film Aliens.
    • The Loader also bears a striking resemblance to Hyperion Engineers from the game Borderlands 2 Being that they are also inspired by Aliens. The robots that serve alongside these engineers are also called Loaders.
  • (Unconfirmed) According to a reddit post, The Loader originally appeared as a female character, but was changed to male in the release version of 1.2. It is unknown when or why this change was made.
  • The Loader has no ready animation (the animation the character makes when you click on him)