Map variantsEdit

This map has two variants.



The artifact gate appears at the far left, on the middle level. Three switches are located in the level (example on the right). The switches are activated by damage, but as they are behind walls it's necessary to use an attack that can reach through the wall. Confirmed ways to press switches:

(Acrid's Festering Wounds no longer reaches the switch.)

Note that it is impossible for some characters, such as the Commando, to hit the switches with any attack or item (with the exception of the Laser Turbine), and so will be unable to acquire the artifact without using the Cremator's shots.

Two of the switches are located in the open at upper left and center of the level, while the third is hidden partway down the left-most narrow shaft and requires a little timing to activate. Note that the switches appear on the map variant that does not have lava at the bottom of that area (i.e. not Variant 1 depicted below).

Once all three switches are activated the Sacrifice artifact will appear on the gate.


Main article: Miner unlock

Level4 Type1 Variant1

In the right side of the map, at the bottom, there is a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a Direseeker. Defeat it to unlock the Miner.

The Direseeker does not spawn once the teleporter is activated.



Tropic of Capricorn


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