Massive Leech
Massive Leech Icon
Description For 10 seconds, every hit heals you for 10 health.
Cooldown 45 seconds
Beating Embryo Effect Each hit heals 9 more health
Unlock Acrid: Spread Epidemic to 25 enemies.
Rarity Use
Pickup Text Grant massive life on hit for 10 seconds.
Massive Leech Shipping Details

The Massive Leech is a use item in Risk of Rain that allows you to heal yourself by 10 HP each time you hit an enemy. This effect lasts 10 seconds.

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Carolyn Williams
Study Center
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:  Massive LeechMassive Leech Icon
Tracking Number:  816▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  For 10 seconds, every hit heals you for 10 health.

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:  Volatile

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:  Giant leeches found in the pools of HYPERION-5. Very similar to its counterpart on Earth, but it seems to have developed teeth as well, allowing it to eat meat as well as siphon blood.

A few have been spotted to ballon to enormous proportions,up to the size of a small dog. Like the common leech, this has obvious medical implications. You will just have to be extra careful, or you may come back to no patient and a giant bloody leech.
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