Plasma Chain
Plasma Chain Icon

Description (?%) On hit: Chance to tether onto enemies dealing 60% damage per second
Stacking Max tethers increased.
Unlock Not Locked
Rarity Rare
Type Offensive
Pickup Text Chance to tether yourself to an enemy.
Plasma Chain Shipping Details

The Plasma Chain is a rare offensive item in Risk of Rain. On hitting an enemy, the player has a chance to tether onto enemies dealing 60% damage per second.[1] The player will deal damage to the enemy as long as the enemy and the player are tethered.

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:  Plasma ChainPlasma Chain Icon
Tracking Number:  573▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Chance to tether onto enemies dealing 60% damage per second

Shipping Method

:  High Priority/Fragile

Order Details

:  Hey there, my wife and I am returning a lost plasma chain. It is still fully operational and can haul my spaceship easily, so we expect the full reward!

We found it in an unmarked cave with a very large claw wrapped around it. The serial number should tell you the previous owner; the finder's fee can be sent to the same account that I'm sending this message from. Thank you.
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  • When the plasma chain attaches to an an enemy a white line (the chain) appears connecting your gun and the enemy. Any enemy that touches the white line (plasma chain) is damaged as well as the enemy initially caught by the chain.
  • Unfortunately this can not work with the Providence as he does blink becoming untargetable to the Plasma Chain.

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