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Rapid Mitosis
Rapid Mitosis Icon

Description Reduce the cooldown of use items by 25%
Stacking Further reduces item cooldowns by 25%, multiplicatively. Soft caps at around 30 stacks.
Unlock Not Locked
Rarity Rare
Type Support
Pickup Text Reduces the cooldown of use items.
File:Rapid Mitosis Shipping Details.png
The Rapid Mitosis is a rare support item in Risk of Rain.
Rapid Mitosis

The table below depicts a list of the reductions of the first 15 Rapid Mitoses, which follows the formula (0.75^N)*100 being N the number of Rapid Mitoses in the stack.[1]

0 100%
1 75%
2 56.25%
3 42.20%
4 31.64%
5 23.73%
6 17.80%
7 13.35%
8 10.01%
9 7.50%
10 5.63%
11 4.22%
12 3.17%
13 2.38%
14 1.78%
15 1.33%

References Edit

  1. Table of stack reductions and general CDs: Link

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