Risk of Rain OST
Risk of Rain OST Album Cover
Risk of Rain OST Album Cover
Released 04 September 2013
Recorded 2013
Genre Multi-genre
Length 1:01:32
Label Bandcamp
Producer Chris Christodoulou

The Risk of Rain OST was composed by Chris Christodoulou and consists of 17 instrumental pieces, 16 of which can be experienced within the game. The pieces (made loop-able within the game) feature progressive, experimental, acoustic, electronic, and rock elements mixed with 8-bit sounds and lo-fi saturation.[1] You can buy the entire OST here.


  1. Risk of Rain

  2. Dew Point

  3. Tropic of Capricorn

  4. Monsoon

  5. Cyclogenesis

  6. 25.3oN 91.7oE

  7. Hailstorm

  8. Moisture Deficit

  9. Intermission

  10. Tropic of Cancer

  11. Aurora Borealis

  12. Surface Tension

  13. Arctic Oscillation

  14. Precipitation

  15. Double Fucking Rainbow

  16. Coalescence

  17. Chanson d'Automne..

Trivia Edit

  • The 9th track, "Intermission", is literally an intermission with the words "End of part one" embedded in its frequency spectrum.[2]
  • All titles refer to rain and/or water in terms of physics, meteorology, geography, art, and pop culture. For instance:
    • "Chanson d'Automne.." is a reference to a French poems about Fall (the season).
    • "Double Fucking Rainbow" is referencing a viral video in which a man gets too excited about the sighting of a real double rainbow in the sky.
    • "25.3oN 91.7oE" is the latitude and longitude of Cherrapunji, a town in India known to receive more rainfall than any other place.



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