Rusty Jetpack
Rusty Jetpack Icon

Description Decrease gravity by 50% and increase jump height by 10%
Stacking +10% jump height
Unlock Not Locked
Rarity Uncommon
Type Support
Pickup Text Increase jump height and reduce gravity.
File:Rusty Jetpack Shipping Details.png
The Rusty Jetpack is an uncommon support item in Risk of Rain.
  • Green Tier
  • Found in Chests, Shops, Roulette Chambers, and dropped by Bosses.
  • To decrease the gravity effect you need to hold the jump button.
  1. This item also makes the Miner jump higher with his "To The Stars" skill, greatly increasing the effectiveness of his double jump.

Item SynergiesEdit

  • Hopoo Feather together with this item greatly increases jumping capability.