Artifact Of Sacrifice
Map Magma Barracks
Game Alteration Chests no longer spawn; monsters may now drop items on death
Unlock See 'How to unlock' for a detailed description.
Rarity Artifact
Pickup ARTIFACT UNLOCKED. Enable in character select!

The Artifact of Sacrifice will allow all monsters to drop items; this is at the cost of disabling all chests, shrines, and everything else where you can spend money. (Chests can still be spawned using the Captain's Brooch.) This artifact makes it possible to stay in one map for as long as you want to, because you don't need to advance to the next level to open new chests for more items. This will allow you to save all your money to get a lot of experience. If this artifact is combined with the 56 Leaf CloverElite Monsters will have a chance to drop two items on death, which seems to be a bug. Even though this artifacts has many advantages it is hard to get some fast items early on.

How to unlockEdit

The Artifact of Sacrifice can be unlocked by activating all three switches in the Magma Barracks. The locations of the switches are shown on the picture on the right side. If they spawn they will be within the red rectangles. There is no timelimit or order in which they have to be activated. While the two upper switches are easy to activate it is very hard to activate the bottom switch, unless you are playing a class that can stop falling like the Miner or the Mercenary. The other way is to fall down and try it over and over again until you hit the switch. After activating all of them the Artifact of Sacrifice will spawn on the Artifact Gate which is always located within the green rectangle.


How to unlock the Artifact of Sacrifice (Thanks to Bugmenots and Draco18s for the pictures)


You are usually unable to get yellow items that are dropped from bosses with sacrifice on.

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