Tasting your own Medicine
Scavenger Portrait
Scavenger Animation
Base Statistics
Health 1305 HP
Damage 14 points
Speed 14 mph
Combat Notes
Type Boss
Movement Ground
Attack Ranged
Jump Unable
Teleport Unable

Field Notes

Field Notes:  Who knew a pack rat could be so dangerous! This creature seems to be hoarding many of the items littered across this planet. I have seen no others of its kind. If it hadn't been so intent on slaying me I would have tried to gain this Scavenger as an ally...

Will I ever see a friendly face again, or will my last breaths be on this hostile planet?

Behavior Edit

Scavengers are late-game bosses that can spawn in any level once the difficulty meter is around 3/4 full, making them the only boss to appear on any stage. On - MONSOON -
For hardcore players.
Every bend introduces pain and horrors of the planet.
You will die.
difficulty, they can appear as early as Very Hard. The Scavengers' attacks consist of a missile barrage from the Disposable Missile Launcher, an explosive payload from their Brilliant Behemoth, and a ball of electricity from their Ukulele.

They also possess two passive abilites: their Mysterious Vial grants them a slow, constant regeneration effect, and at low health, they will activate what seems to be either a Soldier's Syringe or a Energy Cell - the effect is more in line with the latter, but the visuals are what you'd expect from the former. Once in this phase, they attack much faster than before.

Despite all the loot they carry, Scavengers do not have a greater chance to drop the specific items on their bodies.

Another thing very special about the Scavenger is that it is one of the two only bosses that can be blighted when playing on monsoon difficulty for over 5 hours. The other one being the Imp Overlord.