Shattered Mirror
Shattered Mirror Icon
Description For 15 seconds, double all of your abilities' damage and effects.
Cooldown 75 seconds
Beating Embryo Effect Damage and effects are tripled instead
Unlock Not Locked
Rarity Use
Pickup Text Create a shadow partner for 15 seconds
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The Shattered Mirror is a use item in Risk of Rain that creates a shadow of yourself. The shadow imitates all your moves and duplicates the effect of every ability you use.

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:  Shattered MirrorShattered Mirror Icon
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:  For 15 seconds, double all of your abilities' damage and effects.

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:  Volatile

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:  I know you; you avoid looking at yourself. You feel disgust at your own reflection; you wish every mirror to be shattered. It is time to change. You are not alone.
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This item is particularly good with on hit items, as it increases the amounts of hits you deal. It is also believed to be a reference to the skill "Shadow Partner" from Maplestory because the shadows look the same and there are other Maplestory and game references in Risk of Rain.

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