Has a random chance of giving a random item.

Shrines have a random chance to drop a random item. Each time you use it the price goes up.

Each consecutive use requires more money, regardless of success.

Shrines break after two successes. The Imp shrine counts each activation as a success for this purpose. [How about for the achievements?]

Shrines do not appear if the Sacrifice artifact is active.

Shrine types Edit

Money Shrine Edit

Takes money.

The initial cost is less than the cost of opening a small chest in the current stage (two-thirds?).

Can appear in any stage except the last two, but might look different (eg, in the Magma Barracks, money shrines will appear as a stack of white stones instead of the normal appearance).

Failing this will trigger Snake Eyes.  In multiplayer, another player succeeding at a Money shrine will remove your Snake Eyes counter.  Them failing will also up your Snake Eyes count.

Health Shrine Edit

Health shrines can only be used before the teleporter is activated. Activation of the teleporter breaks all unbroken health shrines.

Absolute Edit

An asymmetric statue of multiple Wisp masks of varying sizes.

Takes a flat amount of health, increasing with use. Breaks after two successes.

Appears in Damp Caverns and Hive Cluster.  Works great with a healing bot.

Percentage Edit

A tall symmetric statue of a woman with arms spread wide.

Takes [50%, 65%, 85%, 99%, 99%, ...] of your maximum health.

Always drops two identical items on success (including choice crates with Command active).

Appears in Temple of the Elders.  Works great with a healing bot.

Imp Shrine Edit

A small shrine with an imp on top.

When imp shrines are activated, they will spawn five (up to 17 with 5 players on Monsoon) nonaggressive Tiny Imps, who will attempt to run away from the player. Killing all five in a certain time limit will drop an item. After playing the imp shrine twice it will break. If you do not kill all of the imps within the time limit, the imps are killed and you lose the item.

The cost starts at 80%(?) of the cost of a small chest in the current stage.

Does not appear in the final two stages.

Notes Edit

The shrine "drop pool" includes Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Use Items; as such, gambling your money on them can give you great items.

There is a bug with Percentage Shrines where activating the teleporter as you play the shrine freezes the shrine, allowing you to play it permanently where normally it would be deactivated.[verification needed]

You can only use a shrine if your maximum and current health satisfy the requirement. You can die by using a shrine if your current health is exactly the required amount. You cannot use a shrine if your maximum health isn't high enough even if Guardian's Hearts put you above the required amount of health. However, if you meet the maximum health requirement, Guardian's Hearts will block damage as normal.

There is a bug with the Command artifact where activating the item box or confirming your item choice will activate the shrine.  Beware of burning too much money or health while making your choice.


Fail a shrine 3 times in a row - Unlocks Paul's Goat Hoof

Pass a shrine 4 times in a row - Unlocks Snake Eyes

Use a health shrine that drops you below 5% health - Unlocks Harvester's Scythe