Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes Icon

Description Failing a shrine increases critical chance by 6%
Stacking Further increases crit chance by 3% for each shrine fail
Unlock GLOBAL: Pass a shrine 4 times in a row.
Rarity Common
Type Support
Pickup Text Gain increased critical strike chance on failing a shrine. Removed on succeeding a shrine.
Snake Eyes Shipping Details

The Snake Eyes is a common support item in Risk of Rain.[1] This bonus can stack with successive shrine failures up to 6 stacks, but will disappear when the player passes a shrine or will eventually fade away after a certain amount of time[verification needed].

Your current crit chance level is identified by the red dice above the players head when failing a shrine. The more Pips (dots) on the dice, the higher your crit chance.

In multiplayer, another player succeeding at a Money shrine will remove your Snake Eyes counter.  Them failing will also up your Snake Eyes count.

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:  Snake EyesSnake Eyes Icon
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:  Failing a shrine increases critical chance by 6%

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:  You dirty ---------er. You KNEW I had to win to pay off my debts. Are you in with the casinos? Of course you are; a snake like you would. A dice that's loaded for SNAKE EYES. CUTE MOVE, ---------er.

I'm comin' for you, ----.
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