Soldier's Syringe
Soldier's Syringe Icon

Description Increases attack speed by 15%.
Stacking adds another 15% increase up to 13 times, maxing at +195%
Unlock Commando: Dodge 7 lethal attacks.
Rarity Common
Type Support
Pickup Text Increased attack speed.
File:Soldier's Syringe Shipping Details.png
The Soldier's Syringe is a common support item in Risk of Rain.
Soldier's Syringe


  • The Soldier's Syringe is one of the items that is visible on the artwork displayed when the credits roll.
  • The player character shimmers and glows yellow after picking up this item.

Item SynergiesEdit

  • Soldier's Syringe increases attack animations and skill casting animation. For example: Chef's SEAR/FLAMBE takes a while to cast, but with Soldier's Syringe, it casts faster. If you have 10 of these, it casts instantaneously.  Similarly, all delay can be removed from HAN-D's Forced Disassembly with enough Syringes.

Bugs Edit

When you collect the soldier's syringe, it doesn't unlock in your item log. There is no official fix, but as a temporary fix you can open the save file and add the soldier's syringe to the save values there (item20=1).[v1.2.3]

Steady Aim of Sniper as well as the Drill Charge of Miner increases the speed of the bar to fill up, but the damage output is not maximized. The damage seems to be calculated as how much the skill button is held down, but not measured as how much the bar is filled up.


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