An interesting note about this level is that it, along with all levels afterwards, have a Divine Teleporter in the place of a regular teleporter

To the left is the Temple, which is three floors. Percentage Health Shrines can be found on this level, as well as potential golden chests.

Artifact variant Edit

5 1

Level 5 Variant 1

Jumping off the right edge of the map and falling down onto a platform there will put you at the start of a jumping puzzle leading half way back across the level where you will find the artifact gate and the Spirit artifact.

It should be noted that the pillars could be referencing the pillars in Cave Story in the level 'Bottom of the Island.'

There are no platforms or Artifact found in Variant 2.

Other variant Edit

5 2

Level 5 Variant 2

There is always a golden chest at the highest platform of the right side of the map. It appears to be only reachable with a Photon Jetpack or stacked jumping assist items.  However, part of the platform is illusory; with significantly fewer items than expected (possibly just a Hopoo Feather [verification needed]), one can jump left from the highest of the small platforms and will enter into the wall.  From here another (double?[verification needed]) jump will reach the top of the platform.

You can open it with Explorer's Key for the Captain's Brooch achievement even if you can't reach the reward.


Tropic of Capricorn

Tropic of Cancer


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