Tiny Imp
Tiny Imp Portrait
Tiny Imp Animation
Base Statistics
Health 22 HP
Damage 3 points
Speed 15 mph
Combat Notes
Type Monster
Movement Ground
Attack N/A
Jump Able
Teleport Unable

Field Notes

Field Notes:  I seem to have found the one creature on this planet that DOESN'T want to kill me. These small leathery creatures are spawned from vases I sometimes spot in the ruins. They seem to stay in packs, frequently carrying useful treasure. 

Immediately after spawning, these tiny imps run in all directions. While I do feel a bit.. awful.. about killing what seems to be the equivalent of children, I need the treasure they hold if I'm to survive. I'm sorry.

Tiny imps will spawn from Imp Shrines when they are activated. If you kill all the 5 tiny imps that spawn, a random item will appear.