Umbra of Providence
Placeholder Portrait
Placeholder Portrait
Base Statistics
Health ? HP
Damage (PlayerHealth - 1) points
Speed 14 mph
Combat Notes
Type Boss
Movement Ground
Attack Melee/Ranged
Jump Able
Teleport Able

This enemy only appears when the player will be fighting off Providence on his third phase. It appears when Providence reaches 66% of his health. This enemy is killable, but it takes time to actually get rid of this enemy. Moreover, at 33% health of Providence, he just resummons this enemy again.

He appears to have a shape just like Providence, just that he is colored purely black to resemble Providence's shadow.


It is best to just avoid Umbra of Providence and just focus on Providence himself. Though the shadow literally makes your HP drop to 1 in each of its attacks, it's still best to leave it be. Just be sure to evade all incoming attacks whenever the shadow exists.

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