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  • Jman44880

    THEME: Mummy


    We could call him Wraps or alternatively R.A.P.S. (pronounciation remains the same)

    R.A.P.S. stands for

    Restricted (as in imprisoned)
    Ancient/Alien (haven't decided yet)
    Pathogenic (disease-carrying)
    Symbiote (organism wich lives in unison with a host body without negative effects for either of them)


    He's a mummy with white-ish bandages and sandy skin, he gains dark-brown/black scales for armor. Walks with a limp when below 20% HP.

    His death animation: Gets knocked into the air (like commando) but his body gets blown away like sand by the wind and only bandages land on the ground.


    There was an archeological dig on a seemingly deserted planet... The people who lived there were all annihalated by some kind of sy…

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