Alright let's do this..

THEME: Mummy


We could call him Wraps or alternatively R.A.P.S. (pronounciation remains the same)

R.A.P.S. stands for

Restricted (as in imprisoned)
Ancient/Alien (haven't decided yet)
Pathogenic (disease-carrying)
Symbiote (organism wich lives in unison with a host body without negative effects for either of them)


He's a mummy with white-ish bandages and sandy skin, he gains dark-brown/black scales for armor. Walks with a limp when below 20% HP.

His death animation: Gets knocked into the air (like commando) but his body gets blown away like sand by the wind and only bandages land on the ground.


There was an archeological dig on a seemingly deserted planet... The people who lived there were all annihalated by some kind of synthetic bacteria which took over the minds of the infected. Only 5 specimens of the infected, now undead, were safely contained and prepared for transport. But after an accident only specimen no. 1 made it off the planet with a group of 3 scientists. These 3 named the specimen Wraps, from his acronym R.A.P.S. and sent him to their lab facilities for testing. The transport he was loaded on was called...the USS Contact Light.


HP: 115 + 28 per level

Move speed: 1.2

Attack speed: 69.00

HP regen: 0.6 + 0.12 per level

Damage: 13 +3 per level

Armor: 0 + 1 per level

Jump height: 2.5

Crit chance: 1%


Wraps is a mid-range fighter/tank with some great AoE abilities. Time for a closer look:

Z - Bandage strike - basic attack (0 sec cooldown, only needs to finish the animation)
Wraps hits all enemies in front of him with his bandages for 100% damage. Range is approx. half of CHEF's attack range.
X - Scarab armor - AoE damage and stun + armor + increased HP regen (6 sec cooldown, can still gain armor while on cd)
Scarabs form from the dead bodies of Wraps's enemies and attach themselves to him to form armor and grant regen (max 10 scarabs for +10 armor and +10 HP regen/sec (or less if that turns out to be too strong))
Activate to detonate your armor, dealing 70% damage per scarab in a small radius around Wraps (range like his basic attack or less) and stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds.
C - Spring jump - a dodging jump (3 sec cooldown)
Wraps shapes his legs into springs and jumps 3x normal jump height (normal jump height is like the commando or less)
Similar to commando and sniper's third ability but it's a jump instead of a roll and doesn't grant invulnerability.
Damages and briefly stuns nearby enemies for 80% damage on landing.
V - Bandage pull - AoE damage and stun (8 sec cooldown)
Wraps pulls in up to 10 nearby enemies with his bandages, dealing 150% damage and stunning them and nearby enemies for 1 second. The pull works on jellyfish and evolved lemurians aswell.
Upgrade: allows you to pull in more (15?, 20?) enemies.

I hope he's interesting and fun enough, in case I forgot something please tell me and I'll add it :)

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