Wow. Maybe it's because it's the summer, or I don't know. But we have gotten a ridiculous amount of views on this Wiki! Almost 162,000 views, and roughly 1,300 edits within ONE WEEK.

It's so beautiful, I might cry.  :')

Of course, this wiki is nowhere near done, and there's still tons of work to be done, but...

I don't know... Just watching all this new activity... It feels good.

I want to thank all the users, both registered and unregistered, for donating your knowledge to this Wiki, and I especially want to thank Pandaman018 for stepping up and editing like a madman for at least a week (As well as reaching Rank #1 on this Wiki!)

Thank you all so much! It's always important to understand that this Wiki needs your information just as much as you need the Wiki's!

Much love,  Starport592  Talk  Contribs  Risk of Rain  00:35,8/6/2014 

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